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Y to Launch MVP with High-Quality Data Oracles for Crypto Investors

By: Zexprwire

Hong kong, China, 24th June 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The Ÿ platform is transforming the way investors make sense of the complex data coming from the crypto sector. With their brand new AI technology and expertly curated data prediction oracles, Ÿ empowers users with unparalleled insights.

The project’s MVP will launch soon, offering a glimpse into the future of market analysis. With a strong focus on macroeconomics impact on the digital market , Ÿ is planning to change how users interact with Web3 and blockchain data.

The Upcoming MVP Launch

The team at Ÿ will release their MVP by the end of June, providing top-quality data oracles for crypto investors. These oracles use AI prediction models to assist in making informed trading decisions. With a team of experts from Fortune 500 companies, Ÿ has all it needs to know what crypto traders want. 

The Initial Database Structure leverages a rich database of macroeconomic event data and over 2,000,000 data points for BTC prices. This strategy adds to the platform’s tracking of 20,000 trading calls and real-time updates for 14,000 projects.

AI relies on large data, and Ÿ maximizes its potential with an extensive database. The choice of using AI prediction models and tracking real-time information wants the platform to be as robust as possible. The team has worked meticulously to deliver a product that meets the needs of many crypto investors.

Transforming Market Analysis with Advanced AI

The project’s structure, which includes Observer and Predictor components, provides a comprehensive solution for market analysis. By connecting to all market data and predicting the impact of events, Ÿ is rethinking traditional market analysis features. 

With its custom-tuned AI & ML model, the project can accurately predict  the impact of events on the digital market. This powerful platform lets users stay on top of all information sources in real time and allows for quicker decision-making based on AI insights. The project’s goal is to one day reach full market coverage with a comprehensive suite of tools for crypto traders.

The Ÿ project has its own cryptocurrency, YAI. The Fair Launch approach with no pre-sales ensures a fair distribution of YAI tokens for all investors. With its Anti-snipe functions, Ÿ is committed to providing equal opportunities for all traders.

Using Ethereum as the platform, the total supply of YAI is 100 million tokens. In terms of token distribution, here is how YAI works:

  • 90% of the tokens will go to initial liquidity to support the project’s growth.
  • 5% of the tokens will fund listing and marketing operations, ensuring a strong presence in the crypto market.
  • The remaining 5% will go towards supporting the project’s team.

The tokenomics structure also mentions a trading fee (as a contract fee) of 5/5. The feature will be in place until the project generates sufficient revenue to cover its costs.

About Ÿ

Ÿ is a new project focusing on Web3 and offering Advanced, Real-Time AI-driven market prediction solutions to see the crypto market. With the help of  its advanced AI, Ÿ manages, organizes, analyzes, and interprets the massive dataset available in the crypto space.

Ÿ’s team underlines that no one has yet fully succeeded in aggregating data from diverse and reliable sources in Web3. This poses a challenge for extracting actionable insights and making accurate predictions. However, Ÿ is bringing a new, game-changing solution. These experts have developed a proprietary oracle relying on AI to deliver unprecedented insights into market sentiment and trends.

The upcoming MVP launch (June 30th) is an exciting milestone for Ÿ. With the continuous development, there is a lot to look forward to. This release will mark the beginning of a suite of AI-driven trading indicators that will transform crypto investing. 

It is possible to keep up to speed with the team by visiting Ÿ’s official website. The social media links below help the community stay updated on upcoming events and product releases. 

X (Twitter) | Telegram

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