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Geeky News Discusses How to Combat Microbial Contamination in Aviation Fuel

By: Issuewire

Surrey, United Kingdom Nov 16, 2023 ( - Geeky News, the leading technology and lifestyle journal, has released a new article. This article sheds light on a pressing issue in the aviation industry--microbial contamination in jet fuel. The insightful piece titled "Understanding and Preventing Microbial Contamination in Jet Fuel." It delves into the causes, consequences, and preventative measures of this often-overlooked problem.

In aviation, safety is paramount, but an invisible adversary lurks within the fuel tanks of aircraft around the world--microbes. Microbial contamination can lead to a cascade of problems including fuel filter blockages, corrosion, and even complete engine failure. Geeky News's latest article provides an in-depth analysis of how this contamination occurs and the steps necessary to prevent it.

Microbial contamination arises when bacteria, fungi, yeast, protozoa, and viruses find a breeding ground in the water present within aircraft fuel tanks. These microbes thrive in temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius and can cause significant damage if left unchecked. 

The article goes on to describe the dire aftermaths such as clogged fuel filters, microbially influenced corrosion (MIC), and issues with Fuel Quantity Indication (FQI) probes. The last one is especially dangerous as it can lead to cockpit instruments showing inaccurate fuel level readings. However, even MIC can lead to engine failure, if left unchecked.

The piece highlights hot and humid climates as particularly insidious and outlines crucial measures for prevention. These include regular water drainage from fuel tanks and periodic microbial testing. The latter is crucial for fuel operators to detect early signs of contamination and avert costly maintenance.

In an effort to assist the aviation industry, the article also introduces innovative solutions for testing such as FUELSTAT®, an immunoassay antibody test kit provided by Conidia Bioscience, which delivers quick and accurate on-site results. According to the article, this test doesn't require any additional heavy equipment, unlike the ATP or CFU tests.

The ramifications of ignoring microbial contamination are severe. With the potential to significantly disrupt operations and compromise safety, proactive prevention is the operative word. Geeky News suggests that the aviation industry should implement strict water drainage routines and regular testing to ensure the safety of aviation fuel systems.

This article is an essential read for industry professionals. It shines a spotlight on an area of aircraft maintenance that cannot be overlooked. Understanding microbial contamination is a critical step in safeguarding the reliability and safety of the aviation sector.

For a comprehensive understanding of microbial contamination and how to combat it, read the full article on Geeky News: 

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