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Ejones Opticals Introduces Groundbreaking Technologies for Precise Vision Check-ups in Kerala

By: Issuewire

Payyannur, Kerala Aug 27, 2023 ( - In today's fast-paced life, our eyes are tired from screens and daily tasks. This shows how important eye check-ups are. But time crunches make people miss spotting big eye issues like keratoconus, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Ejones Opticals, a respected optical shop in Payyanur, Kerala, is tackling this problem with innovative solutions. With a dedicated team at the helm, Ejones Opticals has introduced three revolutionary technologies that are set to change how eye check-ups are done in Kerala. These innovations are now a part of their Optical Center and Eye Clinic, located right in the center of Payyanur.

Central to these advancements is the Essilor WAM-800, an advanced robotic eye examination device. This remarkable technology equips optometrists to perform thorough eye assessments within minutes. Through the utilization of sophisticated wavefront analysis, the Essilor WAM-800 generates intricate eye maps, facilitating precise calculations of eye power and an overall enhancement of vision. What truly sets it apart is its capacity to measure various aspects like eyestrain, corneal topography, pachymetry, ASOCT readings, cataract evaluations, intraocular pressures, and even detect eye aberrations--all within a remarkably brief three-minute span, and without necessitating eye dilation. This innovation is not only a time-efficient marvel but also a guarantee of comprehensive eye examinations, contributing to enduring eye health.

Presenting another groundbreaking technology, the Vision R-800 phoropter takes the spotlight. It boasts unmatched precision, allowing assessments of refractive errors as fine as 0.01 dioptres. In the past, eye power prescriptions were limited to increments of 0.25 dioptres due to lens availability constraints. However, the Vision R-800's precision, akin to a fingerprint, enables accurate testing for individuals with sensitivities of 0.33 dioptres or 0.85 dioptres, resulting in precise eyeglass prescriptions. This innovation integrates artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that refine eye power prescriptions, ensuring patients enjoy clearer, crisper, and more comfortable vision. With a level of customization accurate to 1/100, this sets new benchmarks for eyewear precision.

Concluding this trio of game-changing technologies is the Visioffice X--an advanced robotic eye measurement device. Crafted to automatically measure factors like intra-pupillary distance, dominant eye characteristics, head-eye ratios, and other minute parameters, the Visioffice X opens doors to unparalleled customization possibilities for optical lenses. It steps into the realms of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism through simulation, fostering patient understanding and a deeper recognition of the importance of diligent eye care. Optometrists can harness this technology to vividly showcase the advantages of various lens options, facilitating informed decisions when it comes to selecting eyewear.

If you're looking for the latest in advanced eye care, come and experience the future of thorough vision check-ups with Ejones Opticals. Learn about these new and amazing technologies by visiting our website at Your path to a better, clearer vision starts right here.


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