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Powerful and Heartfelt Tribute to Mothers: “I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But…” A Remarkable Collaboration by author Skye+Fam: Skyler, Payel, and Joe Farasat

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Powerful and Heartfelt Tribute to Mothers: "I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." A Remarkable Collaboration by author Skye+Fam: Skyler, Payel, and Joe Farasat

Skye+Fam is excited to announce the release of their latest book, "I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." Co-authored by the talented trio - Skyler, Payel, and Joe Farasat under the pen name Skye+Fam - this inspiring and emotionally charged work offers a heartfelt tribute to mothers and celebrates the extraordinary everyday heroism they display.

"I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." weaves together a poignant collection of observations made by a child who keenly watches their mother's actions. Through a series of moments, the child witnesses their mother performing myriad tasks with grace and ease, despite the challenges they may pose. From seemingly simple acts like brushing hair and making the bed to more significant endeavors such as working in the garden, preparing meals, and even facing personal struggles, the child marvels at their mother's unwavering dedication and resilience.

Written with an undeniable sense of authenticity and love, this heartwarming book reminds readers that the countless tasks and sacrifices made by mothers (and mother figures) may often feel like they go unnoticed. Skye, Payel, and Joe Farasat skillfully capture the child's admiration and appreciation for their mother, who demonstrates strength, perseverance, and a genuine love that transcends the ordinary.

"I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." goes beyond simply highlighting the everyday actions of a mother. It delves into the emotional depth of the mother-child bond, emphasizing mothers' profound impact on their children's lives. Through the child's eyes, readers witness the struggles, triumphs, and moments of vulnerability that shape the mother's journey.

Skyler, the nine-year-old co-author, brings a unique perspective to the book, infusing it with a child's innocent and pure observations. Her keen attention to detail and heartfelt narrative serves as a guiding voice, reminding both children and adults alike of the incredible strength and love that mothers possess.

Payel and Joe Farasat, both accomplished Financial Services executives certified in coaching, consulting, and mindfulness, have contributed their editorial expertise to ensure a seamless and captivating reading experience. Their combined efforts enhance the storytelling, bringing depth and authenticity to the pages of "I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..."

This remarkable collaboration by Skye+Fam is more than just a children’s book; it is a profound expression of gratitude and admiration for mothers. The authors invite readers to reflect on their own experiences, inspiring them to appreciate the tireless efforts of the extraordinary women in their lives. The book serves as a testament to the selfless acts performed by mothers, ensuring their immeasurable impact is acknowledged and celebrated.

"I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." is an ideal gift for any occasion. Whether it's Mother's Day, a birthday, or simply an opportunity to express appreciation, this beautifully crafted work will touch the hearts of readers young and old, leaving an indelible mark on their souls.

For more information about "I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But..." and to purchase a copy, feel free to contact the author by following and visiting their Amazon Author Page.

Book Name: I Never Saw My Mom’s Cape, But...
Author Name: Payel Farasat
ISBN Number: 978-1916626300
Ebook Version: Click Here
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