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Armadillos with Benefits™ - PicPocket-Labs, Inc. details its plans/roadmap at SxSW for combining "location-based NFTs" and loyalty programs

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Leveraging all the IP the company has ever been issued or filed, PicPocket-Labs is pleased to introduce the Banded Armadillo Rock Club™, a first-of-its-kind, mobile-first offering aimed at fusing a new class of NFT with geofencing and AR to deliver a cutting-edge, global social/loyalty/adtech platform.

AUSTIN, Texas - March 19, 2023 - PRLog -- PicPocket-Labs ("PicPocket" or "PPL") is pleased to announce the launch of its Banded Armadillo Rock Club™ mobile companion app and to tease the release of its location-based NFT collections featuring banded armadillos, free-tailed bats, Beasts and Batmadillos™.

"We'd been itching to mash the mountain of IP we own in geofencing and AR with NFTs ever since Yuga Labs raised $500m from a16z" states Wolfram Gauglitz, Founder and CEO of PicPocket-Labs, Inc. "We watched with collective jaw dropped when first-mover advantage valued Bored Ape's artwork/community in the ten-figures. Inspired, we asked ourselves what we could do to deliver real NFT utility. While this is our first shot at developing a brand and a social club of our own, we believe that between a small but brilliant team, an innovative business model, Banded Armadillo's interactive character and product roadmaps and our underlying "all-things-location" tech and IP spanning a decade plus, that we have an opportunity to position ourselves alongside the leading, blue-chip NFT properties talked about in web3… and change the conversation."

"The first 25,000 users to download and install our mobile app will receive a free, special-edition, Batmadillo™ in their account. We've capped the giveaway to the first 25,000 registered users – provided users verify their mobile phone numbers and connect one of several supported digital wallets, they will receive one of nine Batmadillo styles (pictured) that will be minted at midnight ET on 4/20, 2023. While a free, first-of-its-kind, location-based NFT is nothing to sneeze at, one lucky Banded Armadillo Rock Club™ mobile user will wake up one morning to find their Batmadillo™ replaced with a Golden Batmadillo. That same lucky BARC club member will be able to burn their token Golden Batmadillo in return for one-hundred (100) randomly selected Banded Armadillo Rock Club NFT collectibles - one from each of our handpicked, global BARC markets - spanning Austin to Zurich and everywhere in between."

Armadillos with Benefits™.

The Banded Armadillo Rock Club features everything you would expect from a social media app but now combined with location-based, perks, benefits and rewards. It's an off-the-wall loyalty program where patented, location-based mobile technologies combine with an augmented-reality platform to support a new class of NFTs we call "location-based NFTs™." It's an exclusive club that promotes chasing fame and fortune as you jet-set between, and make friends in, one hundred of the coolest locations, worldwide. The Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa - everyone in the Club gets to chat/IM amongst themselves, livestream to geographically targeted audiences, transcend their former jpeg, pfp glory away from tiny 6" screens into an AR environment where they're able to flex their pixels like a boss and use geofilters to mark their digital territory like the wild animals they are. If it's not already obvious, Banded Armadillos are not your typical chrome, My Little Ponies -styled NFTs. And this mobile companion app is like nothing you've ever seen or done before with your boring NFT self. Throw up the BARC-Signal™ to help meet up with friends or sit back and be hypnotized by our Bat-Tracker™ as free-tailed Bats flitter back and forth in their geocaged spaces, with you hoping for that casual encounter that leads to games and prizes.

"As we played with baking geospatial information within NFTs, we hit on the idea of how we could unlock all manners of utility in order to enable loyalty programs, feature-unlocks and NFT interactions both among NFTs and the marketplaces on which they're transacted. It was a great exercise and we look forward to announcing some exciting IP in this area shortly. As early pioneers in geofencing, we'd been approached several times about applying our IP to the blockchain and developing web3 properties around specific Enterprise applications – from solutions for a smart-contract driven, drone-on-demand platform to forever documenting property and casualty insurance claims on-chain. While we can appreciate that in the long-run our solutions will find a fit in several Enterprise, blockchain markets, we plan to use the Banded Armadillo Rock Club™ to attract talent, capital and an ecosystem to call home."

We're currently in discussions with travel, hospitality and leisure execs about how we're able to drive foot traffic and customer engagement in a way that creates revenue opportunities – for you and them. Finally… you're not the product. And we're interested in hearing from leading blockchain ecosystems about where to MINT one or more of our collections a month from now. Until then, climb aboard, enjoy our hospitality and take a front-seat as we improve on all of the cool features we offer as the Banded Armadillo Rock Club™ kicks off its world tour.

PicPocket-Labs, Inc. is an early pioneer in geofencing-based IT solutions with offices in Austin, TX. For more information about PicPocket-Labs, please Follow Us on Twitter at @picpocketlabs. For groupies of the Banded Armadillo Rock Club™, you have our permission to slide into our DMs at @bandedarmadillo. BARC's landing page is a work-in-progress and nearly ready for you to visit. Come check us out.

Wolfram K. Gauglitz

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