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101 Blockchains has achieved another milestone by becoming a CPD Provider

By: Issuewire
101 Blockchains Is A CPD Provider Now

101 blockchains’ training and certification programs have become world-leading blockchain education programs with the new CPD credential.

Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv Jan 24, 2023 ( - The renowned pioneer in blockchain training and certifications, 101 Blockchains, is a CPD provider now. It has successfully achieved a new milestone in the world of blockchain training with new accredited learning resources. The credential of a CPD provider is another successful step in the journey of 101 Blockchains to become the number 1, most-trusted destination for blockchain professionals and practitioners. 

The CPD Certification Service is an independent accreditation offering credentials for continuous professional development training across different industries. Continuous professional development is essential for adapting to the modern talent landscape. In addition, employers and business organizations seek continuous professional development as an essential tool for productivity. The accreditation for 101 Blockchains validates their capabilities to offer the value benefits of a continuous professional development process. 

On the achievement of this new milestone, the CEO of 101 Blockchains stated, "We are excited to announce that our blockchain and web3 certification courses are accredited CPD programs now. This is a promising opportunity for our team as our learning resources bear an additional mark of professional credibility". 

How Did 101 Blockchains Qualify for the CPD Accreditation?

The foremost objective of 101 Blockchains since its inception has been to offer a one-stop destination for blockchain learning. Over time, the platform introduced many new training courses and masterclasses. Today, thanks to 101 Blockchains' highly professional and versatile blockchain and web3 certification programs, a CPD Accreditation was granted. The CPD certifying authority scrutinizes academic service providers based on learning activities they offer for skill development. Most importantly, CPD emphasizes the context of rapid technological advancement alongside consistent changes in the working environment and consumer behavior.

101 Blockchains accredited certification programs are the only industry-recognized and accredited credentials focused specifically on Blockchain and Web3 technologies. It has qualified as an accredited CPD service provider with its wide variety of courses and certifications on blockchain and web3. The accreditation recognizes that 101 Blockchains' training courses prepare learners for the future with trending topics such as blockchain, web3, metaverse, and NFTs. Another noticeable aspect recognized by the CPD credential is the facility of a structured approach in the training resources. Lastly, 101 Blockchains also qualifies for the CPD credential thanks to their high standards of course quality. 

New Opportunities for 101 Blockchains as an Accredited Training Provider

101 Blockchains has earned the CPD accredition credential for its consistent drive toward empowering blockchain education and research. Since its inception, the platform has helped over 60,000 professionals achieve their desired learning and career goals in the blockchain sphere. 

Recently, the blockchain training platform adapted to the changing technological trends by introducing courses and certifications on NFTs, metaverse, layer 2 scaling solutions, and other emerging topics. The Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P) on the platform is an example of 101 Blockchains' commitment to their learners' continuous professional development.      

Many people are seeking answers to the question 'How do I get a CPD certificate?', and looking for accredited training courses or certification providers. The strict criteria for CPD-accredited certifications ensure that candidates with the right skills can enjoy the many benefits of a CPD-accredited certification. To become CPD accredited, training providers must follow a strict set of conditions in terms of structure, delivery, and effectiveness of learning resources. 

As one of the accredited CPD certificate providers, 101 Blockchains has achieved significant proof of credibility. The accredited blockchain and web3 certifications serve as viable tools for the growth of professionals worldwide. Web3 is also a revolutionary concept that would create new job prospects and opportunities for skill development. 

101 Blockchains will use its CPD accreditation to cater to the professional development needs of aspiring blockchain practitioners. In addition, the accreditation would serve as an additional mark of credibility in the portfolio of any blockchain and web3 professional.

Benefits of CPD Accredited Certifications for Learners and Employers

The news statement "101 Blockchains is a CPD provider" brings even more positive highlights in the form of advantages for learners and employers. CPD Certified Programs such as the blockchain and web3 certifications by 101 Blockchains ensure that learners can make the most of the highest standards. Candidates will receive 10 hours of CPD credit after qualifying for each Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P), Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP), and Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) certification program and 13 hours of CPD credit after qualifying for the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification program.

As a CPD-accredited certification provider, 101 Blockchains has to follow quality standards in its certification courses. Compliance with quality standards ensures credibility for the accredited certification programs alongside providing limited risks for misinformation. 

Another vital advantage of Accredited CPD programs for learners is the assurance of marketable recognition. CPD Certification is the most significant independent authority for the accreditation of professional training course providers. Therefore, CPD-accredited certifications can make employees and job seekers a vital asset in the workforce. 

The benefits of an Accredited CPD service for employers start with including blockchain and web3 experts in their workforce. In addition, candidates with CPD-accredited certifications have a better competitive edge owing to their standardized and structured approach to blockchain training. 

Employers could use the credentials of CPD certificate providers as the benchmark of talent for blockchain and web3-based job roles. In addition, business organizations could use accredited training programs and certifications to empower their existing workforce with skill development opportunities. 

As a result, businesses can gain better business opportunities and also enhance workforce engagement. The most apparent benefit of CPD certifications for employers is the option for boosting staff productivity.

Future Plans of 101 Blockchains after the Accreditation

The recognition by CPD Certification Service serves as a crucial milestone for 101 Blockchains. 101 Blockchains as been continuously working on expanding the number of quality learning resources for blockchain training as well as constantly adapting to new trends in the blockchain, crypto, and web3 space. 

With the commitment to revolutionize blockchain training and certification, 101 Blockchains has a promising future in this industry. Furthermore, the identity of a CPD-accredited certification provider validates the capabilities of 101 Blockchains to empower aspiring blockchain professionals. 

101 Blockchains' training platform will also introduce new courses and certifications for web3-based job roles in the future. The renowned blockchain training and certification platform are committed to fuelling professional development in blockchain and web3 technologies.


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