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Back in 2000, the Internet industry accounted for less than 1% of the world economy,and no Internet company entered the list of the Fortune Global 500.
At present, however, that figure has soared to over 36%,and more than half of the Fortune 500 companies are Internet enterprises.
That trend also applies to NFT.We estimate 50% of the world's top-notch artists and artworks to be recorded as NFTs in the following decade. And that's where OpusBeat can come into play

will consist of two main parts: NFT creation platform and NFT auction trading platform.
On the OpusBeat-NFT creation platform, all users who want to create and express their art in the form of NFT can upload their works and cast their NFT on the NFT-Opus platform for free. At the same time, we will pay attention to the more popular work providers, provide them with professional technical support and institutional docking services, so that users' creative enthusiasm and the value of works can be released and realized to the greatest extent.
The OpusBeat-NFT auction trading platform provides two trading methods: one-time price trading and auctions for global NFT works. NFT works created on the creative platform or other NFT platforms can be exhibited and auctioned in all directions, and the sales income will directly become the income of the creators, and a small amount will be included in the Opus Venture Dream Fund for the creation support of the artists signed on the platform.  
By linking NFT artists/institutions and users, it has become an important channel for NFT concept popularization, market education and liquidity expansion, and provides artists, ordinary users and professional NFT organizations with an all-round experience of platform empowerment, low-cost coinage, work display and sales , to promote the popularization and promotion of NFT, and jointly explore the infinite possibilities of NFT in the field of artistic value and application, so that everyone can become an NFT artist!

All NFTized works will mint unique ERC-721/TRC-721 Token, which will be stored in the NFT Token’s ERC20/TRC20 smart contract, and all works rights belong to the NFT Tokens holders; ERC-721/ TRC-721 tokens related information and work records will be permanently stored in BTFS and other systems, and its files will be permanently stored on the human Internet.
OpusBeat Layout Sports Competition

With the development of society, what people are pursuing has gradually shifted from the material field to the spiritual field. At present, sports competitions have a wide audience and great influence in the world.
Now, NFT have swept the art and the NFT market, including artworks, sports memorabilia, trading cards, etc. As we all know, 2021 is a rare sports year in history. Not to mention the annual NBA, the five major leagues, the F1 Grand Prix, and the Super Bowl. World-renowned top events such as the Olympic Games, the European Cup, and the America's Cup that have been postponed due to the epidemic have chosen to postpone to 2021.

With the increasing popularity of sports events, sports tokens have become very popular recently. Driven by various sports events, the digital currency of the sports sector is bound to shine!OpusBeat is a new platform that integrates celebrity exclusive cards, blind box draw, and event mining. Through creative application of blockchain technology, innovate the existing business model, and write the data in the sports ecology into the blockchain, including clubs, events, stars, singers, etc. OpusBeat is committed to let fans all over the world share the wealth of sports competitions and create a new one-stop NFT entertainment sports competition platform.

Sports + Physical Competition
On the OpusBeat platform, the sports competitions included are not only football, but also boxing, basketball, running, etc. series of sports competitions. Players can trade assets through online tokens participating in the series of sports competitions.

Sports + Guessing Game
In terms of games, OpusBeat strives to create a fantasy sports platform, with competitions including football, cricket, tennis and other sports. Players only need to pay the entrance fee to participate.
In the game, players can guess based on the analysis of the team lineup and the ability of the players.The performance data of each player on the real game field will be converted into scores in the OpusBeat competition game in real time.The data points of each player are added together to become the total score of the player in the round.The higher the score, the higher the ranking. After the game, the finalists can participate in the game bonus pool.

Sports+NFT Auction
The collection and investment market of sports enthusiasts should not be underestimated. A jersey, signature, and sneakers dedicated to sports stars are enough to drive them into madness, which coincides with the concept of non-homogeneous token NFT.On the one hand, blockchain technology has the characteristics of traceability and non-tampering. Putting sports collectibles information on the blockchain can ensure that sports collectibles will not be tampered with or copied. It can also make the collected information more authoritative and value is more secure.

Sports + Blind Box Draw Card
The OpusBeat team will cooperate with sports stars to issue a series of NFT cards, each with different levels of collectible attributes.Players can choose to sell or collect, and the value is always rising.A lottery draw in the form of
a blind box will ensure that every early miner will receive a randomly selected NFT card with a multiplier ranging
from 1.1 to 1.2 times. After OpusBeat launched, early adopters will receive NFT cards, so stay tuned.

OpusBeat has officially landed on BSC and PancakeSwap is now online!
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