Shenzhen reunited with a lot of talent | 2021“Building the dream together, creating the winning future” Green Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shenzhen Promotion Meeting held!

On the afternoon of June 2, “Building the dream together, creating the winning future”2021 Green Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shenzhen Promotion Meeting was held in Baoan, Shenzhen. Leaders of the organizers and organizers of the competition gathered in Shenzhen, and practitioners, innovative enterprises and venture capital institutions such as Power China Water Environment Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen QF Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Biosun Environment Protection and Technology Co., Ltd attended the promotion. There are plenty of talents at the event site. This promotion attracted more than 3,000 people to watch the live broadcast online, and the audience was full of enthusiasm for communication and interaction.

Kong De'an, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Power China Ecological Environment Group Limited, said in his speech that the rapid development of Shenzhen over the past 40 years of reform and opening up is a microcosm that proves the important value of innovation. Innovative enterprises with the courage to explore and entrepreneurs with dreams have created the situation of Shenzhen today. The Green Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will bring together talents, wisdom and resources from all sides to help a number of outstanding innovation teams and technologies and cultivate a number of high-quality green industry projects to more deeply promote cooperation between government, industry, academia and research institutes, facilitate the landing of innovation projects and help innovation elements to gather towards enterprises.

Low carbon development and green development are becoming the strategic focus of economic development of all countries and the high point of the new round of international economic competition.Ding Shi Neng, deputy director of One Belt One Road Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Center (Shenzhen), introduced that One Belt One Road Center is promoting the environmental protection 5G exhibition hall, environmental protection international cooperation and exchange demonstration base, research and development incubation base, green technology innovation industrial park, green industry technology big data physical platform and other infrastructure construction. One Belt One Road Green Technology Innovation Industrial Park, Green Industry Technology Big Data Physical Platform and other infrastructure construction. The One Belt One Road Center will also provide solid support for the innovation and entrepreneurship teams to grow and strengthen.

Tang Yingdong, Vice President of Eco-environmental Engineering Institute of East China Survey and Design Institute of Power China Group, issued a sincere invitation to outstanding enterprises and teams to participate in the competition, and quoted General Secretary Xi's statement that "change and innovation are the fundamental driving force for the development of human society. Whoever rejects change and innovation will lag behind the times and will be eliminated by history". He answered the question of how enterprises can achieve sustainable development in the new era. He believed that the competition will bring new technology and new thinking to the development of green industry, and it is a good opportunity for enterprises and entrepreneurial teams to showcase themselves and prove themselves.

Yi Songhui, Secretary General of Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association, said in her speech that she was pleased to be one of the organizers of this year's competition. She pointed out that small and scattered enterprises are still the basic characteristics of the environmental protection industry in Guangdong. "The environmental protection industry is at a critical turning point during the 14th Five-Year Plan. The industry is changing from "have or have not" to "good or not good" and gradually moving into a period of high quality development. This year's competition follows the latest direction of national policy and industrial development. The competition is a good opportunity to achieve industrial innovation and development, promote industrial technology innovation, and train innovative management teams.

Tian Weihong, executive vice secretary general of the Water Environmental Management Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance and executive vice president of Shenzhen Huahaomiao Water Ecology and Environment Technology Research Institute, commented on the development of green industry under the background of "double carbon". In the context of the integration of carbon peak and carbon neutral into the national strategy, China is still facing many challenges such as continuous growth of energy demand, high proportion of high energy-consuming industrial structure and high proportion of high carbon energy consumption. The development of green industry is the fundamental solution to achieve the "double carbon" target.

QF Capital's Investment Director, Liu Qiyuan, provided new ideas for venture financing with the theme of "Cognitive Upgrade of Founders". He believed that corporate financing requires founders to be able to stand in the perspective of investment institutions and understand capital thinking. Founders should learn more thinking patterns, master more data, combine with industry research trends, and improve their own talents, so as to facilitate the long-term development of the company.

The meeting also invited the winning companies of the first innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2020 - Shaanxi Orca Electronic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shenzhen-Hong Kong Industry-Academy-Research Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to share their enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship development and participation experience for the online and offline audience. With the platform of the competition they gained more opportunities to communicate and cooperate with potential customers, and also introduced new technologies and ideas for the development of their enterprises.

“Building the dream together, creating the winning future” 2021 Green Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shenzhen registration is underway. The competition strives to build the best platform, dovetail with the best policies and provide the greatest support for the participating talents and enterprises, and welcome colleagues in the green industry to participate enthusiastically! At present, the competition has been successfully held in Tianjin and Shenzhen, and the last promotion meeting will be held in Hangzhou. Welcome friends from all walks of life to continue to pay attention!

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