Access Geo-blocked Materials for Online Learning Via Free VPN Service

INDIA, April 13, 2021 / -- The global pandemic has affected almost all sectors of society. From financial, entertainment, healthcare, and academics, everyone has been struggling to survive. One tremendous adjustment brought about by this health crisis was the digitalization of almost everything. For this post, we're going to talk about its effect on the academic sector. Specifically, the shifting of schools from face-to-face classes to online learning.

Online learning allowed students, local and international, to continue with academic courses from the safety of their homes. However, there a few underlying troubles that come with it. One of which is the obtainment of online materials especially to those living in a heavily censored country. Since people are not allowed to go to libraries, the only option is through online textbooks. Without access to these, it will be hard for students to pursue their studies.

The rise of VPNs

In order to solve the problem, one solution is to connect to a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

A VPN can help local or international students to stay connected and proceed with online classes amid any internet restrictions via data encryption. By creating a secret tunnel right between the user and the remote server, a VPN can ensure safe and clear navigation.

When connected, a user’s online identity and everything he sends over to the internet will also remain hidden from someone else. This allows students to pass through internet blocks safely and anonymously, without alarming any firewall.

Most importantly, using a VPN can help students access geo-blocked academic content by masking their real IP addresses. For example, someone from India or other heavily censored countries will be able to obtain geographically restricted online materials from the US simply by connecting to a US virtual server.


Times are changing and technology is evolving. Now, solutions to every problem are almost always at your fingertips. Bypass geo-blocks by downloading a reliable VPN such as GoingVPN to stay on top of everything. Learn more by following this link.
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