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JD Duarte offers the benefits of Scrum for small businesses

By: WebWire

Nowadays, companies and their needs change vertiginously. They have had to adapt to new changes to provide better services and offer their products at all times and when the client requires them. Scrum can help make this possible, and eCommerce expert and Scrum Master JD Duarte explains how.

Technology and different generations have set a pattern for SMEs to invoice on some occasions almost at the same time as organizations with many more human and material resources. As a result, the gap between companies depends rather on preparation, creativity, experience and effectiveness of your staff.

Due to these changes, new technologies also give rise to new methodologies that have the same efficiency as the market demands. They must have fast and satisfactory results for which a methodology must be clear, flexible, adaptable to change, capable of also saving financial resources.

There is the idea that Scrum is used only for small projects that do not have as much importance in the market, for projects in which little investment is needed or require little attention. All these claims are false, the Scrum methodology is designed to support projects of any kind and for all types of industry. Even for life projects, it is advisable to use this framework. This means that if an SME has development projects or improvements for the company, it can use Scrum as a basis for the development and execution of those projects.

Thanks to project management with Scrum, business leaders can communicate in a clear way based on the day-to-day requirements of their clients. They can also lead their organizations transparently and the team becomes self-organizing, a difficult issue to reach for many companies.

Explains Duarte, “Scrum is a methodology that is designed to work in complicated environments that requires results in a short time. That is why large technology companies such as Google or Apple have adopted it as their main framework. The reduction in operating expenses is sometimes up to 50%. This leads to making other investments in those companies and members of the Scrum team receive a better salary for their services and their results.”

Since times change, the Scrum methodology allows changing with it. It isn't a coincidence that it is used by the SME sectors. The Scrum methodology allows companies to solve complicated situations that are lived daily by various companies around the world.

Without growth of the company and employees, little can be said about the development of Scrum. That is why you can apply this methodology by having a self-organizing team in order to obtain a goal and develop deliverables throughout the project. You can increase your income from a strategy made by the Scrum Product Owner that allows you to have a return on investment from the first stage of the project to be developed.

Scrum as an improvement to customer service. Unlike the Six Sigma methodology, Scrum prioritizes based on the value of the client or based on the most value of the project based on ROI and its client.

Likewise, the customer experience can be improved through constant meetings that involve the Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and people interested in a project being carried out. The client is more satisfied since he has tangible things or artifacts with a minimum of failed things and, in many cases, already functional to be used by the final consumer. The shorter the time a customer is given the product or service they want, the greater their satisfaction with the company they are hiring.

“Scrum as a resource to have a united group, motivated and focused on results,” adds Duarte. “One of the conditions and key points for the methodology to be carried out as it should be the team. For this, each of its members must be a specialist in something and without problems to help their colleagues if they have similar knowledge to it.”

This is how a marketer can work on par with a sales representative and how a designer can help in the work of a programmer without judging that everyone is a specialist in their area if you must have the support mentality for your colleagues all the time. Likewise, being a team, the successes and failures belong to everyone.

In this way, when seeing functional deliverables, the team motivates itself and its peers to continue energetically with the development or execution of a project. It has been proven that motivated teams generate up to 45% more positive results than teams that work without an end or without an incentive that encourages them to be and deliver their knowledge for the company.

About Jose Daniel Duarte

JD Duarte is originally from Heredia, Costa Rica. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner for more than 20 years, and divides his time between his existing operations and researching new possibilities in which to invest. When he's not dedicating time to his businesses, he spends time with his supporting wife and two children.

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