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Ann Marie Puig provides insight into how businesses can efficiently increase sales

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Increasing sales productivity is always a priority. It is a key factor in the success and overall health of a business. The art of improving sales productivity focuses on having efficient sales reps with their time. The more productive a rep is, the better sales and connections with customers and potential customers will go. Cultivating those relationships is important for a company's longevity. Ann Marie Puig, a global business consultant and strategist, explains how businesses can improve their sales channels to meet or exceed their goals.

The core business line of a company is sales. To maximize revenue and sell as many products as possible, the ultimate goal should be to do so in the fastest time. This guide can be used by managers and reps to improve sales productivity and help them reach their goal faster.

Puig explains, “Tracking how much time you spend with customers, sending emails and planning meetings can help you gain insight into your sales productivity. You want to be able to see the time that you are actually selling as a rep. Managers should keep track of time to see what reps are doing and how they can improve their productivity.

Your team will be successful if you provide effective sales training. Properly training your team will reduce the time it takes for a new employee to adapt and increase their productivity. It is important to provide sales training that is comprehensive and covers enough detail for reps to use.

Employee productivity can be increased by scheduling weekly or monthly meetings. One-on-one meetings with employees are a great way to get to know your employees. This is particularly useful for employees still in training.

This is a great time to motivate your employees and to identify areas that can be improved. You can also get feedback about how you can be more productive. You will have employees feel heard and can also get valuable feedback and ideas from them.

Companies will experience a significant increase of sales productivity if marketing and sales work together. Marketing and sales may not communicate well, which could lead to a decrease in revenue.

Your sales and marketing staff should be encouraged to collaborate as they can both benefit from each other's efforts. It is the job of the sales team to decide which leads are worth their time. The quality of leads is more important than the quantity.

This is where the marketing team must ensure they are attracting these types of leads. To close more deals, it is important for the two teams to work together.

It is important to have good sales tools for your company in order to maximize productivity. Sales tools allow reps to track their data, organize it and sell more. They are vital for managers as they allow them to better measure rep performance. CRMs, communication apps and route planning apps are great tools for keeping track of your reps' work.

Adds Puig, ”It is good to track the progress that representatives have with customers and potential customers, the time spent on the sale, closed offers, etc., as well as understand each of the sales processes. All this will help you increase sales productivity."

As a sales rep, setting goals should be a great form of motivation. Setting short- and long-term goals will help you stay on top of your job and increase sales productivity. Sometimes work can be a bit stressful and having goals helps you maintain the right sense. It also forces you to be more responsible. Once the goals are met, you will have a great feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Using sales tools as a rep can help you greatly increase productivity. Using tools such as CRM, communication tools, and route planning can greatly increase productivity. Finding a CRM that works for you and your company can help you stay organized.

CRMs allow you to track your customers and data in one place. A CRM can help you automate tasks and stay on top of administrative work. With less administrative work to take care of, you'll be able to focus more time on selling.

Communication tools are very important to stay in touch with customers and managers and establish strong relationships with all customers. You'll be able to contact everyone on the go and make sure you're always up and running from anywhere.

In addition, sales tools, such as route optimization systems, can help you be more efficient while you're in the field. Using routing systems helps you plan better and be more productive.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a business consultancy expert. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and provides reliable and expert business consultancy services based on years of experience. She is extremely knowledgeable in current technology, eCommerce, and a variety of industries. As a result, her clients are able to trust her to offer a more personal service. When she's not actively consulting for a business, she dedicates her time to her family and community.

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