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Aaron Rodriguez explains the benefits of using CRM for improved business efficiency

By: WebWire

As a business leader or decision maker in your company, you've probably heard the term CRM, its benefits and all the ways this technology can help your company grow. Even so, there are many entrepreneurs who are not quite sure if investing all that money in this tool is really worth it or not. Aaron Rodriguez, a business optimization expert, comes to answer those questions by explaining the benefits of using CRM to improve business efficiency.

CRMs are a major breakthrough for any sales team and company in general. In fact, CRM spending is expected to exceed $40 billion this year in countries like Mexico. If all the buzz about the platform is to be believed, it is an indispensable tool for all companies in the sales and service industries.

According to Nucleus Research data, every dollar spent on CRM generates a return of $8.71, and that average ROI continues to increase as CRMs become more advanced and more affordable. It's no secret that CRM systems are not always well received by sales and marketing teams.

While clearly, this technology can be a great help in tracking deals with a magnifying glass and taking even more advantage of opportunities, sales reps often view the system as a tedious task that requires them to enter data and more data. Because of this, Rodriguez explains a bit about the different major benefits of having a CRM system. “Showing the benefits that adopting CRM software could bring to your sales, marketing and customer service team can help change the perception and promote its adoption and use,” assures the expert.

The star benefit of CRM software is improved customer relationships. Today's users shy away from companies that don't make them feel special. Fortunately, all the benefits of a CRM are ultimately aimed at improving the customer experience and relationship.

“By having centralized and organized data, you can personalize your proposals to customers, respond to their concerns in a timely manner and offer them the highest quality of service,” Rodriguez asserts. “Establishing this connection with your customers allows your message to be captured in a different and unique way. The conversation flows because your customer feels taken into account, feels that someone is genuinely listening to them.”

Efficient and sophisticated CRM software allows you to track your marketing investment and see the ROI. Modern marketing techniques are very effective, but they are also a burden on finances. And when you don't track spending, the odds of overspending and getting very little ROI are silently increasing.

With CRM software, sales managers can take a closer look at the progress and results of their campaigns, and see what's working and what's not. They can also enter investment data and determine acquisition costs, calculate cost per lead, cost per customer, customer lifetime value, etc.

Before CRM was introduced, salespeople stored business cards in decks of cards. They had to manually scroll through the deck every time they needed to contact someone. Clearly, this was a time-consuming activity that slowed productivity.

Now with CRM, it's a different story. Sales teams can store all contact data in one place and easily look it up whenever they need it to capture more leads and improve the way they sell. Facilitating lead nurturing is undoubtedly a benefit that should not be overlooked.

“Seventy-five percent of managers say that using a CRM helps drive and increase sales,” Rodriguez says. “This is thanks to the end-to-end automation that this platform offers. Automation is one of the biggest advantages CRM software platforms provide. They make it possible for the sales team to stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.”

Using mobile CRM applications can increase the productivity of the sales team by up to 15%. The mobile features available in the CRM are an instant added value that allows your company to get better performance and achieve great results in their business processes. This makes it possible for the work of your sales team to be not limited to the walls of the offices and can reach another level that not only benefits the numbers of your business.

About Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez is an expert eCommerce consultant in Latin America. He helps businesses throughout the region optimize all of their eCommerce operations to increase sales and retain customers, and also has extensive experience in the development of strategic and external alliances to promote departmental and organizational objectives. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America to assist a number of companies and, when he's not traveling, he dedicates all of his available time to his wife and children.

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