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“Diary of a Serial Killer” - Predator vs Prey

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Serial killers fascinate people. Despite their almost mythologized standing in everyone's knowledge, they are a nearly objectivized type of evil that slithers their way into everyday suburbia, classrooms, or even the very comfort of our homes. We occasionally have a tendency to forget those serial killers are a very real thing. They gain a more substantial layer to their reputation as a result. We are no longer dealing with the vampiric or monster nightmares of our imagination. We are instead faced with the very real potential of an unintentional death caused by something much worse than a ravenous vampire or an obscure terror.

When it comes to introducing the lasting horror of the “Diary of a Serial Killer,” author Shawn Davis not only delivers but exceeds expectations. The murderer—who appears to be a regular person with a peculiar preoccupation with murder—serves as the plot's antagonist. He is a pure sociopath who views his actions as a form of art. Seeing others as nothing more than targets to sate his ruthless drive to treat them like prey. The actions of the book's heroes are still visible amidst the killer's silent but nonetheless lethal onslaught. Men and women work relentlessly to connect the dots and bring the murderer to justice.

The narrative itself bears a striking resemblance to historical accounts of actual serial killers. We observe a city under attack from an invisible predator. A killer whose threat is underrated, and a hero who must fight not just the haze that surrounds the mystery, but also time itself considering that this is not the tale of a killer who waits impassively. This is a hunter that is constantly on the lookout for prey. “Diary of a Serial Killer” is unquestionably a thriller that every fan of mysteries should own.

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“Diary of a Serial Killer”
Author: Shawn William Davis
Publisher: FriesenPress
Published Date: March 11, 2014
Book Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense › Thrillers & Suspense

About the Author
Shawn Davis grew up in the small town of Holliston, Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Salem State University, and he works as a police officer in a small New England town. He also worked as a police lieutenant at a New England College for eleven years. Shawn's background in law enforcement lends authenticity to his crime thrillers.

Shawn is also the co-author of the real-life WWII adventure, “Never Surrender,” with his Great Uncle and protagonist of the story, Earl Anderson. “Never Surrender” is the true story of Earl's incredible experiences fighting the Japanese in the Philippines and then surviving for three and a half years as a POW in Yokohama, Japan.

Shawn also co-authored the Sci-Fi Thriller, “Revolution,” with his friend from high school, Robert Moore. “Revolution” is a high-tech, adrenaline-fueled, action-adventure story about a violent future rebellion in the United States.

Shawn also authored the edgy horror thriller, “Blood Kiss,” which details the reign of terror of a coven of beautiful female vampires at a small New England college.

In addition, Shawn authored the gritty crime thriller, “American Criminal,” which describes a former cop's struggle to survive in prison after being set up by his corrupt partners on a drug force tactical team.

In the novel, “Bounty Hunter,” an indomitable anti-hero drives an armored battle-car through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fighting a deadly array of post-nuke enemies.

In the horror novel, “The Soulless,” written with co-author Mark Mackey, an army of zombies and genetically engineered monsters is let loose by a female mad scientist working for the government.

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