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CapitalGainsReport: Sub-Penny Stocks Poised to Pop (RDAR, AITX, MONI, SAPX)

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When it comes to investing in penny stocks and making money, the sub pennies can be a veritable gold mine. Investors witness significant movements in sub-penny stocks every week. When the stock price is that low, even a.001 movement can result in massive gains.

What happens over the next week for penny stock traders could present market-moving events that set the tone for the rest of the first quarter. The next Fed meeting, the FOMC press conference, and the January Fed rate decision are additional events that will be in the spotlight in addition to the significant earnings reports and guidance.

With that said, here are 4 sub-penny OTC stocks that may be in position to pop. Be sure to put these stocks on your watchlist today.

Raadr Inc. (OTC: RDAR) is an innovative software and technology company that offers cutting-edge solutions to identify and stop cyberbullying and cyberharassment on social media platforms.

Raadr’s products allow children, parents, school districts, and law enforcement to monitor bullying and other threatening behavior across social media and the metaverse in real time.

Using real-time monitoring across all significant social media platforms and the metaverse to report cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, and threatening behavior, RAADR Parental 2.0, a parental monitoring and student reporting social media application, enables parents to protect children.

The business announced updates to its RAADR Parental 2.0 application in a press release on January 24. "We are pleased to announce that after much effort and perseverance on behalf of the entire RAADR development team, we have completed stage one of the RAADR application development and are ready to launch," said Samed Nisar, project manager.

The latest Android version of the RAADR app is already available as early access on the Google Play Store for internal beta testers. As of January 24th, the final version of the app will be live for the public.

The Apple iOS version of the RAADR app is currently being reviewed by the App Store. The company anticipates that this process will be completed by the end of January and that the app will be available to the general public on IOS shortly after.

"This is a huge day for the company and its investors, shareholders, supporters, and believers!" said RDAR CEO Jacob DiMartino. “We are laser-focused on getting our app into the hands of as many parents using Android devices as possible! We are looking forward to getting the IOS approval very soon as well."

With 73% of school students believing they have experienced bullying in their lifetime and 44% believing they have experienced bullying in the past 30 days, cyberbullying continues to be a major issue for students, parents, and school administrators.

RDAR finally offers a solution for combating the issue of cyberbullying. As pressure from parents, teachers, administrators, and the government continues to grow, cyberbullying is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Add RDAR to your watchlist for potential breakouts for 2023.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTC: AITX) is a global leader in AI-powered enterprise security and productivity solutions. AITX is a pioneer in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that enable businesses to gain new insights, solve complex problems, and fuel new business ideas.

On January 25th, AITX, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc., announced its support for the agreement made between ASIS International and Circadian Risk, Inc., to deliver the security organizations' "Physical Asset Protection Standard" as a SaaS-based assessment within Circadian Risk's Enhanced Solutions Risk Suite.

Circadian Risk develops software that enables security experts to proactively lower potential risks to people and property. Their vulnerability assessment tools offer a thorough, in-depth analysis as well as corrective measures for each potential problem.

ASIS International is the world's largest membership organization for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters worldwide, ASIS International is regarded as the best source for learning, networking, standards, and research.

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. (OTC: MONI) was created with the focus of acquiring companies in the fintech and crypto industries. The company's goal is to enhance the profitability of these companies, which in turn will increase their shareholder value.

The company has created a platform known as BitGift that allows users to send personalized BitGift virtual crypto gift cards. Any recipient of their virtual BitGift card will have flexibility in choosing how to use their BitGift card. It can be invested directly into the cryptocurrency of their choice, converted to another cryptocurrency, held inside the MONI BitGift hot wallet, or transferred out to another hot wallet of their choice.

The stock saw significant gains on Monday, going up as high as 15% before 11 a.m. on Monday's trading session.

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SAPX) is a media and entertainment company, is creating a diverse portfolio of intellectual properties for the music and film industries.

The most recent SAPX update stated that they had signed an affiliate agreement with 4D FüN. A disruptive techn4D FüN is a disruptive technology firm that specializes in immersive volumetric technologies, NFTs, spatial computing, VR, AR, XR experiences, and gaming artificial intelligence.

Seven Arts CEO Jason Black said, "I'm very excited for Seven Arts to be working with 4D FüN. Their company is at the forefront of virtual reality experiences, and their utilization of blockchain technology makes them truly cutting edge. Our investments in 4D FüN will also serve to exponentially increase Seven Arts' overall value as well."

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