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OLAPLEX Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olaplex Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: OLPX) ("OLAPLEX" or the "Company"), today announced results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2023.

J.P. Bilbrey, the Company's interim Chief Executive Officer, said, "Our third quarter results and the encouraging early indicators from our increased investments support our belief that we are making solid progress towards stabilizing our sales trend in the second half of 2023. We remain excited about the untapped opportunities ahead of OLAPLEX and are implementing changes that we believe will position the brand for long-term profitable growth."

For the third quarter of 2023 compared to the third quarter of 2022:

  • Net sales were $123.6 million, down 30.0%;
    • By channel:
      • Professional was $48.3 million, down 23.3%;
      • Specialty Retail was $43.2 million, down 41.8%; and
      • Direct-To-Consumer was $32.1 million, down 18.2%.
    • Net sales decreased 30.9% in the United States and 29.0% internationally;
  • Net income was $20.4 million and adjusted net income was $33.4 million for the three months ended September 30, 2023, as compared to $60.8 million and $73.3 million, respectively, during the same period in 2022;
  • Diluted EPS was $0.03 for the third quarter 2023, as compared to $0.09 for the third quarter 2022; and
  • Adjusted Diluted EPS was $0.05 for the third quarter 2023, as compared to $0.11 for the third quarter 2022.

Third Quarter Results

(Dollars in $000’s, except per share data)      
Quarter to Date Q3 2023 Q3 2022 % Change
Net Sales $123,555  $176,454  (30.0)%
Gross Profit $83,548  $129,828  (35.6)%
Gross Profit Margin  67.6%  73.6%  
Adjusted Gross Profit $86,140  $132,604  (35.0)%
Adjusted Gross Profit Margin  69.7%  75.1%  
SG&A $36,433  $30,807  18.3%
Adjusted SG&A $33,744  $28,397  18.8%
Net Income $20,366  $60,763  (66.5)%
Adjusted Net Income $33,354  $73,272  (54.5)%
Adjusted EBITDA $51,540  $102,037  (49.5)%
Adjusted EBITDA Margin  41.7%  57.8%  
Diluted EPS $0.03  $0.09  (66.7)%
Adjusted Diluted EPS $0.05  $0.11  (54.5)%
Weighted Average Diluted Shares Outstanding  678,758,020   691,257,654   

Nine Months Results

(Dollars in $000’s, except per share data)      
Year to Date Nine Months Year to Date 2023 Nine Months Year to Date 2022 % Change
Net Sales $346,583  $573,553  (39.6)%
Gross Profit $241,854  $427,463  (43.4)%
Gross Profit Margin  69.8%  74.5%  
Adjusted Gross Profit $248,176  $438,512  (43.4)%
Adjusted Gross Profit Margin  71.6%  76.5%  
SG&A $119,770  $79,232  51.2%
Adjusted SG&A $108,924  $73,399  48.4%
Net Income $47,486  $210,439  (77.4)%
Adjusted Net Income $85,975  $263,451  (67.4)%
Adjusted EBITDA $138,267  $361,494  (61.8)%
Adjusted EBITDA Margin  39.9%  63.0%  
Diluted EPS $0.07  $0.30  (76.7)%
Adjusted Diluted EPS $0.13  $0.38  (65.8)%
Weighted Average Diluted Shares Outstanding  681,089,543   691,585,787   

Adjusted gross profit, adjusted gross profit margin, adjusted SG&A, adjusted net income, adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA margin, and adjusted diluted EPS are measures that are not calculated or presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States ("GAAP"). For more information about how we use these non-GAAP financial measures in our business, the limitations of these measures, and a reconciliation of these measures to the most directly comparable GAAP measures, please see Disclosure Regarding Non-GAAP Financial Measures and the reconciliation tables that accompany this release.

During the third quarter of 2023, the Company experienced a continued lower level of demand for its products versus the third quarter of 2022. Net sales declined 30.0% year-over-year for the third quarter of 2023, while sell-out (sales of OLAPLEX products by retailers and distributors to end consumers and stylists) at key accounts for which the Company receives such information for the same period was down approximately 28%.

Balance Sheet

As of September 30, 2023, the Company had $429.6 million of cash and cash equivalents, compared to $322.8 million as of December 31, 2022. Inventory at the end of the third quarter 2023 was $112.8 million, compared to $144.4 million at the end of December 2022. Long-term debt, net of current portion and deferred debt issuance costs was $650.4 million as of September 30, 2023, compared to $654.3 million as of the end of December 2022.

Fiscal Year 2023 Guidance

The Company updated its guidance for fiscal year 2023 on net sales, adjusted net income and adjusted EBITDA, as set forth below.

For Fiscal 2023:  
(Dollars in millions)Prior FY 2023
Updated FY 2023 Guidance
Net Sales$445 - $465$450 - $460
Adjusted Net Income*$96 - $108$100 - $108
Adjusted EBITDA*$161 - $176$166 - $174

*Adjusted net income and adjusted EBITDA are non-GAAP measures. See "Disclosure Regarding Non-GAAP Financial Measures" for additional information.

Webcast and Conference Call Information

The Company plans to host an investor conference call and webcast to review third quarter fiscal 2023 financial results at 9:00am ET/6:00am PT on the same day. The webcast can be accessed at The conference call can be accessed by calling (201) 689-8521 or (877) 407-8813 for a toll-free number. A replay of the webcast will remain available on the website for 90 days.


OLAPLEX is an innovative, science-enabled, technology-driven beauty company with a mission to improve the hair health of its consumers. In 2014, OLAPLEX disrupted and revolutionized the prestige hair care category by creating innovative bond-building technology, which works by protecting, strengthening and relinking broken bonds in the hair during and after hair services. The brand’s proprietary, patent-protected ingredient works on a molecular level to protect and repair damaged hair. OLAPLEX’s award-winning products are sold through an expanding omnichannel model serving the professional, specialty retail, and direct-to-consumer channels.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes certain forward-looking statements and information relating to the Company that are based on the beliefs of management as well as assumptions made by, and information currently available to, the Company. These forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements about: the Company’s financial position, sales volume, profitability, cash flow, working capital, operating expenses and operating results; the Company's financial guidance for the full fiscal year 2023, including net sales, adjusted net income, adjusted EBITDA, adjusted gross profit margin, net interest expense and adjusted effective tax rate; sales stabilization; customer demand for the Company’s products; the Company's customer base, inventory rebalancing across certain of the Company's customers and the Company's management of excess inventory; the Company’s product development pipeline and the impact of new product introductions; the Company’s business plans, investments, priorities and objectives, including the impact and timing thereof; the Company’s sales, marketing, education and public relations initiatives and related investments, and the impact, focus and timing thereof; the Company's professional, specialty retail and direct-to-consumer channels; the Company's international expansion; the Company's executive leadership change; and other statements contained in this press release that are not historical or current facts. When used in this press release, words such as "may," "will," “could," "should," "intend," "potential," "continue," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "plan," "target," "predict," "project," "forecast," "seek" and similar expressions as they relate to the Company are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

The forward-looking statements in this press release reflect the Company’s current expectations and projections about future events and financial trends that management believes may affect the Company’s business, financial condition and results of operations. These statements are predictions based upon assumptions that may not prove to be accurate, and they are not guarantees of future performance. As such, you should not place significant reliance on the Company’s forward-looking statements. Neither the Company nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the forward-looking statements, including any such statements taken from third party industry and market reports.

Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, inherent uncertainties and other factors that are difficult to predict which may cause the Company’s actual results, performance, time frames or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance, time frames or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements, including, without limitation: the Company’s ability to anticipate and respond to market trends and changes in consumer preferences and execute on its growth strategies and expansion opportunities, including with respect to new product introductions; the Company’s ability to develop, manufacture and effectively and profitably market and sell future products; the Company’s ability to accurately forecast customer and consumer demand for its products; competition in the beauty industry; the Company’s ability to effectively maintain and promote a positive brand image and expand its brand awareness; the Company’s dependence on a limited number of customers for a large portion of its net sales; the Company’s ability to attract new customers and consumers and encourage consumer spending across its product portfolio; the Company’s ability to successfully implement new or additional marketing efforts; the Company’s relationships with and the performance of its suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers and the Company’s ability to manage its supply chain; impacts on the Company’s business from political, regulatory, economic, trade and other risks associated with operating internationally; the Company’s ability to manage our executive leadership change and to attract and retain senior management and other qualified personnel; the Company’s reliance on its and its third-party service providers’ information technology; the Company’s ability to maintain the security of confidential information; the Company’s ability to establish and maintain intellectual property protection for its products, as well as the Company’s ability to operate its business without infringing, misappropriating or otherwise violating the intellectual property rights of others; the outcome of litigation and regulatory proceedings; the impact of changes in federal, state and international laws, regulations and administrative policy; the Company’s existing and any future indebtedness, including the Company’s ability to comply with affirmative and negative covenants under its credit agreement; the Company’s ability to service its existing indebtedness and obtain additional capital to finance operations and its growth opportunities; volatility of the Company’s stock price; the Company’s “controlled company” status and the influence of investment funds affiliated with Advent International L.P. over the Company; the impact of an economic downturn and inflationary pressures on the Company’s business; fluctuations in the Company’s quarterly results of operations; changes in the Company’s tax rates and the Company’s exposure to tax liability; and the other factors identified under the heading “Risk Factors” in Company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") and in the other documents that the Company files with the SEC from time to time.

Many of these factors are macroeconomic in nature and are, therefore, beyond the Company’s control. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, the Company’s actual results, performance or achievements may vary materially from those described in this press release as anticipated, believed, estimated, expected, intended, planned or projected. The forward-looking statements in this press release represent management’s views as of the date hereof. Unless required by law, the Company neither intends nor assumes any obligation to update these forward-looking statements for any reason after the date hereof to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in the Company’s expectations or otherwise.

Disclosure Regarding Non-GAAP Financial Measures

In addition to the financial measures presented in this release in accordance with GAAP, the Company has included certain non-GAAP financial measures, including adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA margin, adjusted net income, adjusted effective tax rate, adjusted gross profit, adjusted gross profit margin, adjusted SG&A and adjusted diluted EPS. Management believes these non-GAAP financial measures, when taken together with the Company’s financial results presented in accordance with GAAP, provide meaningful supplemental information regarding the Company’s operating performance and facilitate internal comparisons of its historical operating performance on a more consistent basis by excluding certain items that may not be indicative of its business, results of operations or outlook. In particular, management believes that the use of these non-GAAP measures may be helpful to investors as they are measures used by management in assessing the health of the Company’s business, determining incentive compensation and evaluating its operating performance, as well as for internal planning and forecasting purposes.

The Company calculates adjusted EBITDA as net income, adjusted to exclude: (1) interest expense, net; (2) income tax provision; (3) depreciation and amortization; (4) share-based compensation expense; (5) non-ordinary inventory adjustments; (6) non-ordinary costs and fees; (7) non-ordinary legal costs; and (8) Tax Receivable Agreement liability adjustments. The Company calculates adjusted EBITDA margin by dividing adjusted EBITDA by net sales. The Company calculates adjusted net income as net income, adjusted to exclude: (1) amortization of intangible assets (excluding software); (2) non-ordinary costs and fees; (3) non-ordinary legal costs; (4) non-ordinary inventory adjustments; (5) share-based compensation expense; (6) Tax Receivable Agreement liability adjustment; and (7) tax effect of non-GAAP adjustments. The Company calculates adjusted effective tax rate as effective income tax rate, adjusted to exclude the tax effect of non-GAAP adjustments referenced in item (7) of the immediately preceding sentence. The Company calculates adjusted gross profit as gross profit, adjusted to exclude: (1) non-ordinary inventory adjustments and (2) amortization of patented formulations pertaining to the acquisition of the Olaplex, LLC business in 2020 by certain investment funds affiliated with Advent International L.P. and other investors (the "Acquisition"). The Company calculates adjusted gross profit margin by dividing adjusted gross profit by net sales. The Company calculates adjusted SG&A as SG&A, adjusted to exclude: (1) share-based compensation expense; (2) non-ordinary legal costs; and (3) non-ordinary costs and fees. The Company calculates adjusted basic and diluted EPS as adjusted net income divided by weighted average basic and diluted shares outstanding, respectively.

Please refer to "Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Financial Measures to GAAP Equivalents" located in the financial supplement in this release for a reconciliation of these non-GAAP metrics to their most directly comparable financial measure stated in accordance with GAAP.

This release includes forward-looking guidance for adjusted EBITDA, adjusted net income, adjusted gross profit margin, and adjusted effective tax rate. The Company is not able to provide, without unreasonable effort, a reconciliation of the guidance for adjusted EBITDA, adjusted net income, adjusted gross profit margin, and adjusted effective tax rate to the most directly comparable GAAP measure because the Company does not currently have sufficient data to accurately estimate the variables and individual adjustments included in the most directly comparable GAAP measure that would be necessary for such reconciliations, including (a) income tax related accruals in respect of certain one-time items, (b) costs related to potential debt or equity transactions, and (c) other non-recurring expenses that cannot reasonably be estimated in advance. These adjustments are inherently variable and uncertain and depend on various factors that are beyond the Company's control and as a result it is also unable to predict their probable significance. Therefore, because management cannot estimate on a forward-looking basis without unreasonable effort the impact these variables and individual adjustments will have on its reported results in accordance with GAAP, it is unable to provide a reconciliation of the non-GAAP measures included in its fiscal 2023 guidance.

(in thousands, except shares)
 September 30,
 December 31,
Current Assets:   
Cash and cash equivalents$429,586 $322,808
Accounts receivable, net of allowance of $23,978 and $19,198 51,876  46,220
Inventory 112,762  144,425
Other current assets 6,418  8,771
Total current assets 600,642  522,224
Property and equipment, net 929  1,034
Intangible assets, net 959,855  995,028
Goodwill 168,300  168,300
Other assets 12,441  11,089
Total assets$1,742,167 $1,697,675
Liabilities and stockholders’ equity   
Current Liabilities:   
Accounts payable$13,349 $9,748
Sales and income taxes payable, net 2,503  3,415
Accrued expenses and other current liabilities 17,409  17,107
Current portion of long-term debt 6,750  8,438
Current portion of Tax Receivable Agreement 16,184  16,380
Total current liabilities 56,195  55,088
Long-term debt 650,350  654,333
Deferred taxes 4,068  1,622
Related Party payable pursuant to Tax Receivable Agreement 189,391  205,675
Other liabilities 1,768  
Total liabilities 901,772  916,718
Stockholders’ equity   
Common stock, $0.001 par value per share; 2,000,000,000 shares authorized, 654,724,366 and 650,091,380 shares issued and outstanding as of September 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022, respectively 654  649
Preferred stock, $0.001 par value per share; 25,000,000 shares authorized and no shares issued and outstanding   
Additional paid-in capital 324,593  312,875
Accumulated other comprehensive income 2,806  2,577
Retained earnings 512,342  464,856
Total stockholders’ equity 840,395  780,957
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity$1,742,167 $1,697,675

(amounts in thousands, except per share and share data)
 Three Months Ended
September 30,
 Nine Months Ended
September 30,
  2023   2022   2023   2022 
Net sales$123,555  $176,454  $346,583  $573,553 
Cost of sales:       
Cost of product (excluding amortization) 37,415   45,484   98,431   140,999 
Amortization of patented formulations 2,592   1,142   6,298   5,091 
Total cost of sales 40,007   46,626   104,729   146,090 
Gross profit 83,548   129,828   241,854   427,463 
Operating expenses:       
Selling, general, and administrative 36,433   30,807   119,770   79,232 
Amortization of other intangible assets 10,378   10,329   31,025   30,890 
Total operating expenses 46,811   41,136   150,795   110,122 
Operating income 36,737   88,692   91,059   317,341 
Interest expense, net (9,510)  (10,499)  (30,259)  (30,653)
Other expense, net       
Loss on extinguishment of debt          (18,803)
Other expense (970)  (2,251)  (1,328)  (3,852)
Total other expense, net (970)  (2,251)  (1,328)  (22,655)
Income before provision for income taxes 26,257   75,942   59,472   264,033 
Income tax provision 5,891   15,179   11,986   53,594 
Net income$20,366  $60,763  $47,486  $210,439 
Net income per share:       
Basic$0.03  $0.09  $0.07  $0.32 
Diluted$0.03  $0.09  $0.07  $0.30 
Weighted average common shares outstanding:       
Basic 654,702,392   649,099,780   653,603,665   648,963,625 
Diluted 678,758,020   691,257,654   681,089,543   691,585,787 
Other comprehensive (loss) income:       
Unrealized (loss) gain on derivatives, net of income tax effect$(861) $1,931  $229  $1,931 
Total other comprehensive (loss) income: (861)  1,931   229   1,931 
Comprehensive income:$19,505  $62,694  $47,715  $212,370 

(amounts in thousands)
 Nine Months Ended
September 30,
  2023   2022 
Cash flows from operating activities   
Net income$47,486  $210,439 
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities: 81,011   (28,632)
Net cash provided by operating activities 128,497   181,807 
Net cash used in investing activities (2,902)  (1,712)
Net cash used in financing activities (18,817)  (117,084)
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents 106,778   63,011 
Cash and cash equivalents - beginning of period 322,808   186,388 
Cash and cash equivalents - end of period$429,586  $249,399 

Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Financial Measures to GAAP Equivalents

The following tables present a reconciliation of net income, gross profit and SG&A, as the most directly comparable financial measure stated in accordance with U.S. GAAP, to adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA margin, adjusted gross profit, adjusted gross profit margin, adjusted SG&A, adjusted net income and adjusted net income per share for each of the periods presented.

 For the Three Months Ended
September 30,
 For the Nine Months Ended
September 30,
(in thousands) 2023   2022   2023   2022 
Reconciliation of Net Income to Adjusted EBITDA       
Net income$20,366  $60,763  $47,486  $210,439 
Depreciation and amortization of intangible assets 13,084   11,552   37,666   36,214 
Interest expense, net 9,510   10,499   30,259   30,653 
Income tax provision 5,891   15,179   11,986   53,594 
Share-based compensation 2,686   2,031   7,338   5,454 
One-time former distributor payment(4)       3,500    
Inventory write off and disposal(1)       24   4,324 
Executive reorganization costs(2) 3      8    
Loss on extinguishment of debt(3)          18,803 
Labelling stock write off and disposal(6)    1,634      1,634 
Distribution start-up costs(5)    379      379 
Adjusted EBITDA$51,540  $102,037  $138,267  $361,494 
Adjusted EBITDA margin 41.7%  57.8%  39.9%  63.0%

 For the Three Months Ended
September 30,
 For the Nine Months Ended
September 30,
(in thousands) 2023   2022   2023   2022 
Reconciliation of Gross Profit to Adjusted Gross Profit       
Gross profit$83,548  $129,828  $241,854  $427,463 
Amortization of patented formulations 2,592   1,142   6,298   5,091 
Inventory write off and disposal(1)       24   4,324 
Labelling stock write off and disposal(6)    1,634      1,634 
Adjusted gross profit$86,140  $132,604  $248,176  $438,512 
Adjusted gross profit margin 69.7%  75.1%  71.6%  76.5%

  For the Three Months Ended
September 30,
 For the Nine Months Ended
September 30,
(in thousands)  2023   2022   2023   2022 
Reconciliation of SG&A to Adjusted SG&A        
SG&A $36,433  $30,807  $119,770  $79,232 
One-time former distributor payment(4)        (3,500)   
Share-based compensation  (2,686)  (2,031)  (7,338)  (5,454)
Executive reorganization costs(2)  (3)     (8)   
Distribution start-up costs(5)     (379)     (379)
Adjusted SG&A $33,744  $28,397  $108,924  $73,399 

 For the Three Months Ended
September 30,
 For the Nine Months Ended
September 30,
(in thousands, except per share data) 2023   2022   2023   2022 
Reconciliation of Net Income to Adjusted Net Income       
Net income$20,366  $60,763  $47,486  $210,439 
Amortization of intangible assets (excluding software) 12,770   11,325   36,845   35,639 
Share-based compensation 2,686   2,031   7,338   5,454 
Executive reorganization costs(2) 3      8    
One-time former distributor payment(4)       3,500    
Inventory write off and disposal(1)       24   4,324 
Loss on extinguishment of debt(3)          18,803 
Labelling stock write off and disposal(6)    1,634      1,634 
Distribution start-up costs(5)    379      379 
Tax effect of adjustments (2,471)  (2,860)  (9,226)  (13,221)
Adjusted net income$33,354  $73,272  $85,975  $263,451 
Adjusted net income per share:       
Basic$0.05  $0.11  $0.13  $0.41 
Diluted$0.05  $0.11  $0.13  $0.38 

(1)The inventory write-off and disposal costs relate to unused stock of a product that the Company reformulated in June 2021 as a result of regulation changes in the E.U. In the interest of having a single formulation for sale worldwide, the Company reformulated on a global basis and has disposed of unused stock.
(2)Executive reorganization costs in the three and nine months ended September 30, 2023 represent ongoing benefit payments associated with the departure of the Company's former Chief Operating Officer during the year ended December 31, 2022.
(3)On February 23, 2022, the Company refinanced its existing secured credit facility with a new credit agreement comprised of a $675 million senior secured term loan facility and a $150 million senior secured revolving credit facility. This refinancing resulted in recognition of loss on extinguishment of debt of $18.8 million which is comprised of $11.0 million in deferred financing fee write off, and $7.8 million of prepayment fees for the previously existing credit facility. Loss on extinguishment of debt is included as non-ordinary costs and fees in the reconciliations above.
(4)During the nine months ended September 30, 2023, the Company made a one-time $3.5 million payment to a former distributor in the United Arab Emirates, which enabled the Company to establish a partnership with another distributor in the region.
(5)The distribution start-up costs relate to one-time charges associated with the set-up of a new third party logistics provider.
(6)Labelling stock write-off and disposal costs relate to disposal of unused product labels that the Company was required to update as a result of regulation changes in the E.U that became effective in the first quarter of 2023.



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