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New Data Reveals the Majority of Sales Professionals Are Embracing AI-powered Technology, Recognizing It as a Facilitator Rather Than a Disruptor

The 6sense 2024 State of the BDR Report Release Coincides with Annual BDR Appreciation Week and Highlights the Ever-Evolving Needs of Sales Teams

The role of the Business Development Representative (BDR) is evolving – and there is promising data indicating that they are eager to embrace emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI. The 2024 State of the BDR Survey found that of the nearly 300 surveyed, 65% of BDRs have a positive attitude towards AI tools, believing that they make their role more productive.

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6sense 2024 BDR Survey - Attitudes Toward Al-Based Tools Are Largely Positive (Graphic: Business Wire)

6sense 2024 BDR Survey - Attitudes Toward Al-Based Tools Are Largely Positive (Graphic: Business Wire)

The study results are released as part of 6sense’s fifth annual BDR Appreciation Week, a week dedicated to elevating and spotlighting professionals in the role across B2B enterprise, taking place February 26 through March 1.

2024 State of the BDR Survey

The fourth-annual survey conducted by 6sense asked BDRs about their roles, overall use of AI-powered solutions, related training, and sentiments.

According to those polled, AI tools have seen widespread adoption among BDR teams, with 39% of respondents reporting that they use at least one, such as call coaching, conversational email, email writing assistants, and call assistants. In addition, notable findings include:

  • BDRs that use at least one AI tool report that they have largely had a minimal (33.0%) or moderate (38.5%) amount of training on AI tools.
  • Of those, 83% of BDRs indicated that they have received at least minimal training on AI tools to help them accomplish their goals.
  • A mere 9% feel AI tools are a threat to the future of the role.

These findings underscore the rapidly evolving workplace and how Artificial Intelligence is molding the landscape of employment and influencing how professionals and businesses adjust to this burgeoning technology.

However, while AI is transforming numerous roles, especially in sales and marketing, soft skills are still critical to an individual and organization’s success and will be difficult to replace.

"Arming sales teams with AI-powered tools isn’t just about automating tasks; it’s about amplifying human potential,” said Kerry Cunningham, Head of Research & Thought Leadership at 6sense. “By streamlining routine processes, AI can liberate sales professionals to focus on what truly matters: forging genuine connections and nurturing customer relationships that drive lasting business success.”

Five Years of Celebrating BDRs

6sense’s BDR Appreciation Week has gained momentum across B2B enterprise sales and marketing teams with organizations adopting their own recognition programs to promote and nurture the professional skills of sales professionals.

"As industry dynamics and technology evolve, key soft skills will always remain irreplaceable,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “At 6sense, we lead through a strong emphasis on personal engagement with buying teams, building value-add communities, and fostering genuine human-to-human connections through initiatives like BDR Appreciation Week, which we view as a career enabler to help sharpen and build on existing skillsets. Leaders that leverage technologies like AI and prioritize strengthening essential skills position their team to win."

This year, February 26 through March 1, participants can expect:

  • Sales Certification: BDRs can unlock new skills and boost their resumes with a newly added certification program.
  • Professional Development Resources: daily content drops designed to bring actionable insights through podcasts, website guides, and more.
  • Four Live Q&A Webinars: these sessions will feature highly relevant actionable insights and best practices from leading sales influencers.
  • Professional Recognition: five BDRs will be recognized for their exceptional work across five categories including social selling, teamwork, and overall excellence.
  • In-Person Events: hosted at 6sense’s offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, and London on February 29th for a half-day event bringing together BDRs for informative sessions, coaching, networking, and celebrations.

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