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C3 AI Releases New C3 Generative AI Suite

First Domain-Specific Generative AI Solutions for Industries, Business Processes, and Enterprise Systems

C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced the launch of the C3 Generative AI Suite including 28 new domain-specific generative AI offerings available to address the unique needs of industries, business processes, and enterprise systems. The new offerings combine C3 AI’s deep enterprise domain and industry expertise with the latest innovations in generative AI.

Initially released in March 2023, C3 Generative AI has been well received by the market with projects now in place at Georgia-Pacific, Flint Hills Resources, Nucor, Pantaleon, Con Edison, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, and a U.S. intelligence agency.

“The market interest that we are seeing in C3 Generative AI is staggering,” said Thomas M. Siebel, C3 AI CEO. “The addressable market is unknowably large and appears to more than double our Enterprise AI market opportunity. You can expect that we will be investing in the coming quarters to maximize our first-to-market advantage.”

C3 Generative AI combines the power and capability of the tried, tested, and proven C3 AI Platform with the latest innovations in large language models (LLMs). C3 Generative AI solutions are unique in the generative AI market, solving the security and veracity problems common to LLMs that generally proscribe their broad commercial enterprise use.

“When it comes to generative AI, there are many nonstarters for organizations, including data privacy concerns, hallucination issues, IP liability exposure, and auditability of the generated content,” said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead, IDC. “C3 AI’s domain-specific generative AI offerings can not only satisfy those concerns, but also support deep domain models that mediate access to structured and unstructured datasets, which is how enterprises will realize the most value with generative AI.”

Specific C3 Generative AI solutions now available include:

C3 Generative AI for Industries

C3 Generative AI for Business Processes

C3 Generative AI for Enterprise Systems

All C3 Generative AI solutions can operate on the cloud platform of the customer’s choice including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

LLM support is immediately available for Falcon 40B, Llama 2, Flan-T5, Azure GPT-3.5, AWS Bedrock Claude 2, Google PaLM 2, OpenAI GPT-3.5, and MPT-7B. Additional support will be announced for leading LLMs as the market develops.

By combining the power of LLMs and generative AI with the tried, tested, and proven C3 AI Platform, C3 Generative AI solves the troubling problems endemic to virtually all other generative AI solutions:

  • Answers are deterministic, not random.
  • Answers are immediately traceable with one click to the ground source truth.
  • With C3 AI, the LLM is firewalled from the data, minimizing the risk of LLM-caused data exfiltration and dramatically reduces the risk of LLM-caused cyberattack vectors.
  • The C3 AI Platform allows the enforcement of all enterprise access and cybersecurity controls, providing nFactor authentication and data encryption both in motion and at rest.
  • LLM reasoning is limited to enterprise-owned and enterprise-licensed data, mitigating the unbounded risk of IP liability associated with most LLM solutions, which access third-party or internet data.
  • LLM agnostic, C3 Generative AI allows enterprises to interchange LLMs at will, taking advantage of the ongoing innovation in LLMs.
  • C3 Generative AI minimizes the risk of hallucinations.

All C3 Generative AI solutions can be ordered today from C3 AI or from the AWS Marketplace, the GCP Marketplace, and the Azure Marketplace.

The licensing model is straightforward. C3 AI supports the customer to bring its generative AI application into production within 12 weeks at a cost of $250,000. After that, the customer pays per vCPU/vGPU hour, with volume discounts.

C3 Generative AI is being successfully deployed to supplement manufacturing process knowledge at Georgia-Pacific, commodity trading optimization at Flint Hills Resources, enterprise search at the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, and to improve safety during steel manufacturing at Nucor. Customer reaction is uniformly positive.

“We see the potential of C3 Generative AI for our manufacturing facilities by assisting employees with real-time access to resources to help solve operating problems and by adding interactive tools to our existing AI capabilities,” said Roshan Shah, Vice President in Georgia-Pacific’s Technology Solutions Group. “C3 AI has and will continue to deliver value for us, first in predictive maintenance, and now creating a better experience for our employees.”

At Pantaleon, a large Central American sugar producer, C3 Generative AI is used to analyze contracts and understand market trends for sugar products.

“C3 Generative AI holds the promise to change the way we work, and we are enthusiastic that we may not have to wait for our analysts to perform complex calculations and insights and instead they can focus on the high-value task of strategically applying those insights in the most advantageous way possible for our company,” said Pantaleon CFO and AI strategy leader, Guillermo Medina. “This is a natural next step in our forward-thinking strategy, and we are optimistic that we can rely on this product to produce traceable responses and confidently protect the valuable data we’ve amassed in the over 170 years we’ve been in business.”

All products in the C3 Generative AI Suite are available for immediate customer installation.

About C3 Generative AI

C3 Generative AI is a unified knowledge source that enables enterprise users to rapidly locate, retrieve, and act on enterprise data and insights through an intuitive search and chat interface. By combining state-of-the-art foundational large language models (LLMs), deep learning retrieval models, and the C3 AI Platform, C3 Generative AI serves as a deep domain expert to support information retrieval and interpretation across datasets and improved decision making.

About, Inc.

C3 AI is the Enterprise AI application software company. C3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products including the C3 AI Application Platform, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications, C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS enterprise AI applications that enable the digital transformation of organizations globally, and C3 Generative AI, a suite of domain-specific generative AI offerings for the enterprise.


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