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6sense Spotlights BDRs Globally During 4th Annual BDR Appreciation Week

2023 State of the BDR survey reveals higher expectations for early-career sales professionals

6sense, the leading platform to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue, today released results of the 6sense 2023 State of the BDR survey. Results found that 80% of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are still achieving their sales quotas even though job conditions are harder. The findings are a part of 6sense’s fourth annual BDR Appreciation Week, March 20-24, 2023, to celebrate the role of BDRs in recognition of their undeniable grit and perseverance.

2023 State of the BDR Survey Results

In its third annual survey, 6sense Research also asked BDRs about their role, job performance, and how supported they felt in their roles. BDRs have maintained their performance levels from the previous year, with an average quota achievement of 80%. The results of the survey found that the role of a BDR is becoming increasingly difficult, with 46% of respondents reporting that securing meetings in their prospect accounts is more challenging than it was last year.

Additionally, 41% of BDRs are finding it harder to meet their sales targets than in the past, which could indicate a growing need for effective prospecting strategies and tools. Despite the challenges, BDRs are still required to meet or exceed their quotas, with 62% reporting that their sales targets have remained unchanged from the previous year, while 30% have indicated that their targets have increased.

“Responses from our BDR research emphasizes the need for sales leaders to re-evaluate their strategies and ensure that they are providing their sellers with the necessary resources and tools to succeed in their roles,” said Latane Conant, CMO at 6sense. “We recently launched 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales to equip BDRs with a single platform for intelligence on their accounts and buying teams so they can light up the Dark Funnel, prioritize the best opportunities, and boost productivity. When BDRs spend less time researching they can invest more time engaging people who are likely to not just accept the call, but are happy to receive it.”

Results of the survey show that BDRs' who feel supported, outperform their less-supported peers. In this year’s results, those who feel supported earned more quota than those who do not by 9%. This year, 64% of BDRs reported feeling supported, down 12% from just a year ago. Lower support scores can lead to weaker performance and higher attrition going forward.

To help them feel more supported in their jobs and improve productivity, BDRs cited better contact and intent data as the top two tools, according to survey results. Specifically, 48% of BDRs mentioned that access to better contact data and 46% stated that access to more intent data would significantly enhance their outreach efforts. While other tools like training, engagement tools, and account data were also mentioned, they ranked lower in importance.

Elevating BDRs

BDR Appreciation Week includes professional development and training opportunities to help eager sales representatives advance in their careers, along with some competition and fun. Events include:

  • Morgan Ingram, a prominent Strategy & Creative Adviser, will host a live-streamed Q&A panel on March 23, 2023.
  • The winners of a pitch-off contest between BDRs showcasing their abilities to sell their goods will be announced at the World’s Best BDR contest on March 24.
  • BDR Block is a new space in the 6sense RevCity community for BDRs and their leaders to network, ask questions, access and share resources, and more.
  • The Pledge invites sales leaders to make a commitment to empowering BDRs with the right tactics, resources, and technologies to succeed.
  • I Love BDRs Storefront offers exclusive BDR Appreciation apparel and accessories to show your support for BDRs.

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