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Item 7.01.  Regulation FD Disclosure.  


On March 20, 2015, United States Cellular Corporation (“U.S. Cellular”) announced that it would discontinue its Rewards program for customers that are on service plans eligible for Rewards points. All Rewards-eligible customers will be impacted by this change. 


The decision to phase out the Rewards program was made after careful consideration and input from many customers.  The decision will allow U.S. Cellular to bring its customers more of the things that matter to them the most, such as national coverage, customer service excellence, the newest devices and the best overall value, 


Customers will continue to earn Rewards points through April 30, 2015 for Rewards eligible activity and will have the ability to redeem Rewards points through September 1, 2015. After September 1, 2015, customers’ Rewards accounts will be closed and any unredeemed Rewards points will expire as the program will be officially discontinued.

For additional information on the changes to the Rewards program, see www.uscellular.com.


At this time, the company is unable to reliably estimate the financial benefit to its 2015 results of operations of discontinuing the Rewards program.  Revenue will increase due to the deferred point balance being recognized, but redemption rates and how redeemed points are used as the program winds down are uncertain and could vary widely.   Direct and indirect costs related to ending the program including temporarily increased customer service staffing levels, customer churn, and churn mitigation programs could be significant and also could vary widely.  The company will continue to provide innovative plans, products and services that will provide customers with exceptional value above and beyond the Rewards program.


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March 20, 2015






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