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Form 6-K
Report on Form 6-K for 31 Jul 2008
Commission File Number 1-31615
Sasol Limited
1 Sturdee Avenue
Rosebank 2196
South Africa
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Enclosures: SENS Announcement: Media release – Sasol Inzalo exceeds all expectations

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Sasol Limited
(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
(Registration No.: 1979/003231/06)
Share code JSE: SOL NYSE: SSL
ISIN: ZAE000006896 US8038663006


Response to the Sasol Inzalo Black Public Invitations has far
exceeded expectation in terms of its broad-based appeal and the
invitations are almost four times oversubscribed with the funded
invitation receiving the bulk of the applications.
As a testimony to the broad-based attraction of the invitations,
95% of the applications received were for 200 shares, or less.
"We had a high end target of bringing 200 000 new shareholders
into Sasol through Inzalo and at this stage, we have about 309
000 applicants, the vast majority of whom are individuals seeking
200 shares or less," said Sasol Chief Executive, Pat Davies.
In addition to the huge numbers of applications received, Inzalo
has been well received by both men and women, with a strong
showing by women at 47% of the applications.
Since the close of the invitations, a detailed process of
reconciliation and collation has been underway, to allow for the
due processing of the applications.

A cornerstone of the Sasol Inzalo invitations was to create a
transaction that would offer truly broad-based empowerment to a
mass of people.

"The success of Inzalo has been way beyond our expectations and
the consequence of this unprecedented response is that the
transaction will not be able to accommodate everyone to their
full expectation," Davies said.

The Inzalo commitment to shareholder development of a broad-based
nature remains firm. The share allocation model was designed to
ensure that shares will be issued in a "bottom up" approach. Any
applicants seeking small numbers of shares will be accommodated
first - in full or in part. This will ensure the Sasol objectives
of a fundamentally broad-based Inzalo shareholder profile will be
fulfilled. Allocations further up the pyramid will be made on a
pro-rata basis, based on the number of shares applied for by the
applicant, as well as the number of shares available.

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As stated in the prospectus, where the full application cannot be
met, the applicant will receive a refund in the appropriate
amount of money by electronic transfer back into the applicant's
specified personal bank account. Interest will be paid to the
affected applicant from the closing date of 9 July, until the
date of the refund, which is anticipated to be approximately six
In line with the prospectus, Sasol anticipates responding to
applicants within 45 days of the closing date. The target date of
22 August has been determined and Sasol will endeavour to meet
that deadline. Should the large volumes of applications require
an extension to those 45 days the public will be informed.

Sasol will ensure the allocation strictly adheres to the
guidelines detailed within the Inzalo prospectus to ensure a fair
allocation of shares.

It is expected that new shareholders should begin to receive
their "welcome packs" towards the end of August. The packs will
contain their specific share allocation notice as well as
information relating to Sasol, their rights and responsibilities
as new shareholders, as well as administrative information.
Further information, relating to the final and confirmed number
of shareholders as well as the allocation process will be made to
the public via the media, after 19 August 2008.
The Sasol Inzalo call centre remains active and can be contacted
on 0800 000 222.
The Sasol Inzalo black public invitations closed on 9 July 2008,
following a 3 day extension, from the original closing date of 5
July. Sasol would like to thank South Africans for the enormous
support and interest shown in the Inzalo transaction.

Issued by:
Jacqui O'Sullivan, Group Communication Manager
Direct telephone +27 (011) 441-3252; Mobile +27 (0) 082 883 9697;

Johann van Rheede, Sasol Media Manager
Direct telephone +27 (011) 441-3295; Mobile +27 (0) 82329 0186;

Merchant bank and transaction sponsor
RAND MERCHANT BANK (A division of FirstRand Bank Limited)

Deutsche Securities (SA) (Proprietary) Limited
31 July 2008
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Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant, Sasol Limited, has
duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Date: 31 July 2008
/s/ N L Joubert
Name: Nereus Louis Joubert
Title: Company Secretary