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1.       June 30, 2007 German Press Release - SGL Group is the main sponsor of
         the German cycling team, "SGL Team Beijing" at the 2008 Beijing
         Olympic Games

                                                                       Exhibit 1

SGL Group is the main sponsor of the German cycling team, "SGL Team Beijing" at
the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

o        Focus on team philosophy: support for a team sport

Wiesbaden, June 30, 2007. The SGL Group - The Carbon Company - will be the main
sponsor of the German cycling team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today the
Company explained the reasons for this sponsorship of the sport at the official
presentation of the German cycling team, "SGL Team Beijing" of the Bund
Deutscher Radfahrer e.V. (BDR) [German Cycling Association] in Wiesbaden:

1.   In recent years, the SGL Group has achieved a solid and very successful
     turnaround. The Company knows what it takes to achieve this: clear and
     strictly followed processes. The result is a realignment based on
     profitable growth, particularly in the area of Advanced Materials with
     innovative products and solutions for customer markets, e.g. in the wind
     energy, solar, LED, and lithium ion battery/accumulator industries.

     To achieve a turnaround, one needs to get a chance. Customers and
     shareholders gave the SGL Group this chance and the Company used its own
     strengths to take it. The Company wants to be a partner to the BDR as it
     believes in the processes and the consistency which will be necessary for a
     turnaround in cycling. As the main sponsor, however, the SGL Group will
     provide the association and its millions of sportsmen, particularly the
     sportspeople who make up the Olympic team, the chance for a turnaround. The
     aim is to put Olympic success within the reach of the German cycling team.

2.   One main reason for the Company sponsoring this sport is the relationship
     between its product portfolio and cycling. The SGL Group is the only
     European manufacturer among eight worldwide carbon fiber manufacturers that
     produces materials for sports applications such as open sea racing yachts,
     golf clubs, kayaks, surfboards etc. High-performance racing cycles are now
     made almost exclusively from carbon fiber composites. Although these are
     extremely light, they are less prone to breakage and have a higher tensile
     strength than steel.

SGL Group - The Carbon Company
Corporate Communications, Media Relations
Rheingaustrasse 182, D-65203 Wiesbaden
Tel.: +49 (6 11) 60 29-100, Fax: +49 (6 11) 60 29-101
E-Mail:, Internet:

3.   Another reason for sponsoring the team is the geographical focus of the SGL
     Group's growth strategy in Asia, particularly China. The Company is
     supporting a German sports team for the Olympic Games in a country where
     the SGL Group has several production sites.

4.   For the SGL Group as the leading worldwide manufacturer of carbon products
     with the broadest base of core expertise, portfolio and global presence,
     the focus is always on the sum of all employee performances. Team
     performance is more important than individual performance both for a
     company and for the "SGL Team Beijing". For this reason, the SGL Group is
     supporting a team sport based on the Olympic philosophy.

About SGL Group - The Carbon Company

The SGL Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon-based
products. It has a comprehensive portfolio ranging from carbon and graphite
products to carbon fibers and composites. SGL Group's core competencies are its
expertise in high-temperature technology as well as its applications and
engineering know-how gained over many years. These competencies enable the
Company to make full use of its broad material base. SGL Group's carbon-based
materials combine several unique properties such as electrical and thermal
conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance as well as high mechanical strength
combined with low weight. Due to the paradigm shift in the use of materials as a
result of the worldwide shortage of energy and raw materials, there is a growing
demand for SGL Group's high-performance materials and products from an
increasing number of industries. Carbon and graphite products are used whenever
other materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, wood etc. fail due to
their limited properties. Products from the SGL Group are used predominantly in
the steel, aluminum, automotive, chemical and glass/ceramics industries.
However, manufacturers in the semiconductor, battery, solar/wind energy,
environmental protection, aerospace and defense industries as well as in the
nuclear energy industry also figure among the Company's customers.

With around 30 production sites in Europe, North America and Asia as well as a
service network covering more than 100 countries, the SGL Group is a company
with a global presence. In 2006, the Company's workforce of 5,250 generated
sales of (euro) 1.2 billion. The Company's head office is located in

Important note:
This press release contains statements on future developments that are based on
currently available information and that involve risks and uncertainties that
could lead to actual results deviating from these forward-looking statements.
The statements on future developments are not to be understood as guarantees.
The future developments and events are dependent on a number of factors, they
include various risks and unanticipated circumstances and are based on
assumptions that may not be correct. These risks and uncertainties include, for
example, unforeseeable changes in political, economic and business conditions,
particularly in the area of electrosteel production, the competitive situation,
interest rate and currency developments, technological developments and other
risks and unanticipated circumstances. We see other risks in price developments,
unexpected developments relating to acquired and consolidated companies and in
the ongoing cost optimization programs. SGL Group does not intend to update
these forward-looking statements.

Your contact person:
Corporate Communications / Press office / Stefan Wortmann
Tel.: +49 611 60 29 105 / Fax: +49 6 11 60 29 101 / Cellphone: +49 170 540 2667/
E-mail : / Internet:



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