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                           CHINA PHARMA HOLDINGS, INC.
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                           CHINA PHARMA HOLDINGS, INC.
                         2nd Floor, No. 17, Jinpan Road
                         Haikou, Hainan Province, China

July 11, 2008

Dear Stockholder:

The  accompanying  Information  Statement  is being  furnished to the holders of
shares of the common stock of China Pharma  Holdings,  Inc. (the  "Company"),  a
Delaware  corporation.  The Board of Directors  (the "Board") is not  soliciting
your proxy and you are  requested  not to send us a proxy.  The  purpose of this
Information  Statement is to notify you of actions  already  approved by written
consent of a majority of the voting stockholders and the Board.

     (1)  To elect the following  individuals as directors to serve for the term

                  G. Michael Bennett
                  Yingwen Zhang
                  Baowen Dong

     (2)  To authorize the  Company's  Board of Directors to amend our Bylaws in
          substantially the form attached as Exhibit A hereto.

The enclosed Information  Statement is being mailed on or about July 11, 2008 to
stockholders  of record as of the close of business on February 1, 2008. You are
urged to read the enclosed Information Statement in its entirety.

                          For the Board of Directors of
                          CHINA PHARMA HOLDINGS, INC.

                          By: /s/ Zhilin Li
                          Zhilin Li
                          Chief Executive Officer


                        REQUESTED NOT TO SEND US A PROXY

                              INFORMATION STATEMENT

                           CHINA PHARMA HOLDINGS, INC.
                         2nd Floor, No. 17, Jinpan Road
                         Haikou, Hainan Province, China
                        Phone: (0086-898-66811730 (China)

                                  July 11, 2008

                               GENERAL INFORMATION

This  Information  Statement  has been filed with the  Securities  and  Exchange
Commission  and is being  furnished,  pursuant to Section 14C of the  Securities
Exchange Act of 1934,  as amended (the  "Exchange  Act"),  to the holders of the
common  stock  (the  "Shareholders"),  par value  $.001 per share  (the  "Common
Stock"), of China Pharma Holdings, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (the "Company"),
to notify such Stockholders of the following:

On or about February 1, 2008 the Company  received written consents in lieu of a
meeting  of  Stockholders  from  holders  of  23,091,466   shares   representing
approximately  61.94% of the 37,278,938  total issued and outstanding  shares of
voting stock of the Company (the "Majority Stockholders") electing the following
three  individuals  as  independent  members  of the Board of  Directors  of the
Company: G. Michael Bennett,  Yingwen Zhang and Baowen Dong and (2) to amend our
Bylaws in substantially the form attached as Exhibit A hereto.

On February 1, 2008, pursuant to Delaware General Corporation Law ("DGCL"),  the
Board of Directors of the Company approved the above-mentioned  actions, subject
to Stockholder approval. According to DGCL, a majority of the outstanding shares
of voting  capital stock  entitled to vote on the matter is required in order to
amend  the  Company's  Articles  of  Incorporation.  The  Majority  Stockholders
approved the action by written consent in lieu of a meeting on February 1, 2008,
in accordance  with the DGCL.  Accordingly,  your consent is not required and is
not being solicited in connection with the approval of the action.

In order to  eliminate  the costs and  management  time  involved  in  holding a
special meeting, and in order to ratify the appointments as early as possible in
order to accomplish  the purposes of the Company,  the Board of Directors of the
Company decided to utilize the written  consent of the Majority  Stockholders of
the Company.


The entire cost of furnishing  this  Information  Statement will be borne by the
Company.  The Company  will  request  brokerage  houses,  nominees,  custodians,
fiduciaries and other like parties to forward this Information  Statement to the
beneficial  owners of the common stock held of record by them and will reimburse
such persons for their reasonable charges and expenses in connection  therewith.
The Board of Directors  has fixed the close of business on February 1, 2008,  as
the record date (the "Record Date") for the  determination  of Stockholders  who
are entitled to receive this Information Statement.

Each share of our common  stock  entitles  its holder to one vote on each matter
submitted to the  stockholders.  However,  because the  stockholders  holding at
least a majority of the voting rights of all outstanding shares of capital stock
as of the  Record  Date  have  voted  in  favor  of  the  foregoing  actions  by
resolution; and having sufficient voting power to approve such proposals through
their  ownership of the capital  stock,  no other  consents will be solicited in
connection with this Information Statement.

You are being provided with this Information  Statement  pursuant to Section 14C
of the Exchange Act and  Regulation  14C and  Schedule 14C  thereunder,  and, in
accordance  therewith,  the forgoing  action will not become  ratified  until at
least 20 calendar days after the mailing of this Information Statement.


This  Information  Statement  is being  mailed on or about July 11,  2008 to all
Stockholders of record as of the Record Date.

                             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

The  Company is  subject to the  informational  requirements  of the  Securities
Exchange  Act of 1934,  as  amended  (the  "Exchange  Act"),  and in  accordance
therewith files reports, proxy statements and other information including annual
and quarterly  reports on Form 10-KSB and 10-QSB (the "1934 Act  Filings")  with
the Securities and Exchange  Commission  (the  "Commission").  Reports and other
information  filed by the  Company  can be  inspected  and  copied at the public
reference  facilities  maintained  at  the  Commission  at 100 F  Street,  N.E.,
Washington,  DC 20549.  Copies of such  material  can be obtained  upon  written
request  addressed to the Commission,  Public Reference  Section,  100 F Street,
N.E.,  Washington,  D.C. 20549, at prescribed rates. The Commission  maintains a
web site on the Internet  (  that contains reports, proxy and
information  statements  and  other  information  regarding  issuers  that  file
electronically  with the  Commission  through  the  Electronic  Data  Gathering,
Analysis and Retrieval System ("EDGAR").

The  following  documents  as  filed  with the  Commission  by the  Company  are
incorporated herein by reference:

     1.   Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB for the quarter ended March 31, 2008;

     2.   Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 2007.

All of these documents which are being incorporated by reference into this 14C.

                          OUTSTANDING VOTING SECURITIES

As of the date of the Consent by the  Majority  Stockholders,  February 1, 2008,
the Company had 37,278,938  shares of common stock issued and outstanding.  Each
share of outstanding  common stock is entitled to one vote on matters  submitted
for Stockholder approval.

On February 1, 2008, the holders of 23,091,466 shares representing approximately
64.91% of the 37,278,938  shares of common stock then  outstanding  executed and
delivered  to the  Company a written  consent  approving  the  actions set forth
herein.  Since the action has been  approved by the  Majority  Stockholders,  no
proxies are being solicited with this Information Statement.

The  DGCL  provides  in  substance   that  unless  the  Company's   articles  of
incorporation provides otherwise, stockholders may take action without a meeting
of  stockholders  and without  prior notice if a consent or consents in writing,
setting forth the action so taken, is signed by the holders of outstanding stock
having not less than the minimum number of votes that would be necessary to take
such  action at a meeting  at which all shares  entitled  to vote  thereon  were


The following table sets forth the number and percentage of shares of our common
stock  owned as of  February 1, 2008 by all persons (i) known to us who own more
than 5% of the outstanding number of such shares,  (ii) by all of our directors,
and (iii) by all  officers  and  directors  of us as a group.  Unless  otherwise
indicated,  each of the  stockholders  has sole voting and investment power with
respect to the shares beneficially owned.

Title of Class      Name and Address of    Amount and Nature of    Percent of
                    Beneficial Owner       Beneficial Owner        Class(1)

Common Stock        Zhilin Li              10,000,000                   26.82%
Common Stock        Heung Mei Tsui         10,812,651                   29%
Common Stock        Jian Yang               2,278,815                   6.12%


Officers, Directors and Five (5)           23,091,466                   61.94%
Percent Shareholders as a Group

(1) The percent of class is based on  37,278,938  shares of common  stock issued
and outstanding as of February 1, 2008.

                         DISSENTER'S RIGHTS OF APPRAISAL

The  Stockholders  have no right  under  the DGCL,  the  Company's  articles  of
incorporation  consistent  with  above or  By-Laws  to  dissent  from any of the
provisions adopted as set forth herein.

Election Of Directors

We have elected three (3)  independent  members to our Board of  Directors.  The
Board and majority shareholders have approved the following three directors:  G.
Michael  Bennett,  Yingwne Zhang and Baowen Dong. Each of the board members also
serve on the audit company for the company.  If any nominees decline to serve or
become  unavailable for any reason, or if any vacancy occurs before the election
(although the Company knows of no reason that this would occur), the proxies may
be voted  for  such  substitute  nominees  as the  Company  may  designate.  The
following  sets forth  certain  information  regarding  each new director of the

G. Michael Bennett

G. Michael  Bennett  graduated from Michigan State  University and University of
Michigan.  He currently  is a DBA  candidate  in  Corporate  Governance  at City
University of Hong Kong. He acted as CFO and Board Member in National Automobile
Club from 1983 to 1986.  After that, he worked as an accounting,  tax, and audit
professor in California State University from 1986 to1989,  and as an accounting
and audit  professor in Chapman  University  from 1989 to 1993. He served as the
CFO and Board  Member in  Argonaut  Computers  from 1993  to1998 in  Southern of
California.  During 1998-2000,  he was a basic law, accounting and tax professor
in University of Hawaii and accounting,  tax and audit professor in Chaminade of
Honolulu.  He acted as a partner of ProCFO  Company  based in  California  which
provided contract CFO service for firms during 2000-2004.  He was also a partner
of Nexis Investment Consulting Corporation based in Beijing during 2004-2007.

Yingwen Zhang

Yingwen  Zhang  graduated  from  Department  of  Chemical  Engineering,  Tianjin
University in 1967. He worked as the CEO of SINOPEC  SICHUAN  VINYLON WORKS from
1983 to 1988 and worked as the  director of Sichuan  Foreign  Trade and Economic
Cooperation  Bureau (The Bureau of Commerce of Sichuan  Province) from December,
1988 to April 2000.  Since then,  he has acted as the  Economic  and  Commercial
Counselor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Malaysia.
Mr.  Zhang  currently  is the  member  of the  9th  Chinese  People's  Political
Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Baowen Dong

Baowen Dong graduated from Xian University of Science and Technology in 1966. He
is the  professor,  researcher,  director of the staff room,  and the department
head in  Sichuan  University  since  1974.  He is also an  expert  member of the
Sichuan University Teaching Evaluation Council since August 2001.


None of the foregoing  Directors or Executive Officers has, during the past five

     (a)  Had any bankruptcy  petition filed by or against any business of which
          such person was a general  partner or executive  officer either at the
          time of the bankruptcy or within two years prior to that time;

     (b)  Been  convicted  in a  criminal  proceeding  or  subject  to a pending
          criminal proceeding; or

     (c)  Been  subject to any order,  judgment,  or  decree,  not  subsequently
          reversed,   suspended   or   vacated,   of  any  court  of   competent
          jurisdiction,   permanently   or   temporarily   enjoining,   barring,
          suspending  or  otherwise  limiting  his  involvement  in any  type of
          business, securities or banking activities.


Amendment to the Bylaws

The Board of  Directors of the Company  believes  that the  stockholders  of the
Company will benefit from the Company  amending and  restating its bylaws as set
forth on Exhibit A to reflect the proper name and  corporate  governance  of the
Company.  The  following  sets forth the specific  changes and  additions to the

         Section 2. STOCKHOLDERS

         Notice of Meeting.  An exception to the usual requirements of notice of
         a meeting  has been  made to  include  notice  of a  meeting  to act an
         amendment  to the  Certificate  of  Incorporation,  a plan of merger or
         share exchange,  the sale, lease,  exchange or other disposition of all
         or  substantially  all of the  Corporation's  assets  other than in the
         regular course of business or the dissolution of the Corporation  shall
         be given not less than 20 or more than 60 days before such meeting.

         Waiver of Notice. Notice of the time, place, and purpose of any meeting
         will be deemed to be waived by any  stockholder by attendance in person
         or by proxy  unless such  stockholder  at the  beginning of the meeting
         objects to holding the meeting or transacting business at the meeting.

         Advance Notice of Business at Annual Meeting:  The specifications as to
         what is needed to properly bring business before an annual meeting have
         been included in the amended bylaws.  To be brought  properly before an
         annual meeting,  business must either be (1) specified in the notice of
         meeting given by or at the direction of the President or the Board, (2)
         otherwise properly brought before the meeting by or at the direction of
         the Board, or (3) properly brought before the meeting by a stockholder.
         To be timely, a stockholder's notice must be delivered to or mailed and
         received at the principal  executive  offices of the corporation by the
         close of business on the Advance  Notice Date.  The amended bylaws also
         state what is  required to be  included  in a  stockholder's  notice in
         order to be brought before the annual meeting.  The Advance Notice Date
         shall be one of the  following:  (a) in the case of an  annual  meeting
         only, the date 75 days before the anniversary  date of the prior year's
         meeting,  if (i) there was an annual meeting in the prior year and (ii)
         the date of the current  year's annual meeting is not more than 30 days
         before  or  after  the  anniversary  date of the  prior  year's  annual
         meeting; or (b) if clause (a) does not apply, the date 45 days prior to
         the date of the current year's annual  meeting or a special  meeting if
         at least 60 days' notice or prior public  disclosure of the date of the
         current year's annual meeting or the special  meeting is given or made;
         or (c) if neither  clause (a) not clause (b) applies,  the date 15 days
         after the day on which notice of the date of the current  year's annual
         meeting or the  special  meeting  was mailed or public  disclosure  was
         made. The Chairman of an annual  meeting  shall,  if the facts warrant,
         determine  and declare to the meeting  that  business  was not properly
         brought before the meeting in accordance with the foregoing  procedure,
         and if the chairman should so determine,  he or she shall so declare to
         the meeting  and any such  business  not  properly  brought  before the
         meeting shall not be transacted.

         Quorum. The amended bylaws specify that one-third of the votes entitled
         to be cast on a matter by the  holders of shares  that are  entitled to
         vote and be  counted  collectively  upon such  matter,  represented  in
         person  or by proxy,  shall  constitute  a quorum  of such  shares at a
         meeting of stockholders.

         Manner of Acting. If a quorum is present, action on a matter other than
         the election of Directors  shall be approved if the votes cast in favor
         of  the  action  by  the  shares   entitled  to  vote  and  be  counted
         collectively upon such matter exceed the votes cast against such action
         by the shares  entitled  to vote and be counted  collectively  thereon,
         unless the Certificate of  Incorporation or the DGCL requires a greater
         number of affirmative votes.

         Proxies.  The amended bylaws sets forth the  requirements of a proxy by
         stating that a stockholder may vote by proxy executed in writing by the
         stockholder  or by his or her  attorney-in-fact  or agent.  Such  proxy
         shall be effective  when  received by the Secretary or other officer or
         agent  authorized  to tabulate  votes.  A proxy shall become  invalid 3
         years after the date of its execution, unless otherwise provided in the
         proxy.  A proxy with respect to a specified  meeting  shall entitle its
         holder to vote any  reconvened  meeting  following  adjournment of such
         meeting but shall not be valid after the final adjournment.

         Inspectors  of Election.  The amended  bylaws  include a section of the
         Inspectors of Election. The Chairman of any meeting of the stockholders
         may appoint one or more Inspections of Election  ("Inspectors") and any


         inspector may be removed, and a new inspector  appointed,  by the Board
         at any time.  The  Inspectors  shall  determine the number of shares of
         stock  outstanding  and the voting  power of each,  the shares of stock
         represented at the meeting, the existence of a quorum, the validity and
         effect of proxies,  hear and  determine  all  challenges  and questions
         arising  in  connection  with  the  right  to  vote,  decide  upon  the
         qualifications  of voters,  accept,  count,  and tabulate all votes and
         ballots,  declare  the  results  of such  vote and do such  acts as are
         proper  to  conduct  the   election  or  vote  with   fairness  to  all
         stockholders entitled to vote thereat.

         Section 3.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

         Number and Tenure.  The amended  bylaws limit the Board of Directors to
         no more than nine  Directors,  unlike the previous bylaws which allowed
         for an unlimited  number and in an increase in the number of Directors.
         At each annual meeting of  stockholders,  directors shall be elected to
         serve until the next annual meeting or until his or her  resignation or

         Annual and Regular  Meetings.  An annual  Board  meeting  shall be held
         without  notice  immediately  after and at the same place as the annual
         meeting of stockholders.

         Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Board of any committee may be
         called by any  one-third or more of the Directors in office and, in the
         case of any special  meeting of any committee  designated by the Board,
         by its Chairman.

         Notice of Special  Meetings.  The amended  bylaws  change the amount of
         days notice to a director of a special Board or Committee  meeting from
         two days to at least five days before the  meeting,  or by fax at least
         two days before the meeting.

         Waiver of Notice.  A waiver of notice  section by writing or attendance
         of a Director at a Board or Committee meeting has also been included in
         the amended bylaws.

         Presumption  of  Assent.  A  presumption  of  assent  section  has been
         included  into the bylaws to state that a Director  of the  Corporation
         who is present at a Board or  committee  meeting at which any action is
         taken shall be deemed to have  assented to the action  taken unless (a)
         the Director objects at the beginning of the meeting,  or promptly upon
         the  Director's  arrival,  to holding  the meeting or  transaction  any
         business at such meeting, (b) the Director's dissent or abstention from
         the action taken is entered in the minutes of the  meeting,  or (c) the
         Director   delivers  written  notice  of  the  Director's   dissent  or
         abstention  to  the  presiding   officer  of  the  meeting  before  its
         adjournment  or to the  Corporation  within  a  reasonable  time  after
         adjournment of the meeting.

         Resignation. A Director is no longer limited to resigning through means
         of writing,  but can also resign from the Board or any Committee of the
         Board at any time by delivering oral tender as well.

         Executive and Other  Committees.  The amended  bylaws delve deeper into
         the organization and function of various  committees.  It includes such
         sections as minutes of meetings and removal of committee members.

         Compensation.  Unlike the previous bylaws, the amended bylaws allow for
         the  receipt of a salary as a  Director  or  committee  member by Board
         resolution. It also mentions that a director need not be a stockholder,
         a citizen of the United States, or a resident of the State of Delaware.

         Interest of Director in a Transaction.  The amended bylaws also include
         a section on the interest of a director in a transaction.  This section
         states that no contract or transaction  between the Corporation and one
         or more of its directors or officers,  or between the  Corporation  and
         any other Corporation,  partnership,  association or other organization
         in which one of more of its  directors  or officers  are  directors  or
         officers,  or have a  financial  interest,  shall  be void or  voidable
         solely  for this  reason,  or solely  because  the  Board or  committee
         thereof which authorized the contract or transaction, or solely because
         his or their votes are counted for such  purpose,  if: (a) the material
         facts as to his  relationship  or  interest  and as to the  contract or
         transaction are disclosed or are known to the Board of Directors or the
         committee,  and the Board or committee,  in good faith,  authorizes the
         contract or  transaction by the  affirmative  vote of a majority of the
         disinterested  directors,  even though the  disinterested  directors be
         less than a quorum; or (b) the material facts as to his relationship or
         interest and as to the  contract or  transaction  are  disclosed or are
         known to the stockholders entitled to vote thereon, and the contract or
         transaction is  specifically  approved,  in good faith,  by vote of the


         stockholders;  or (c) the  contract  or  transaction  is fair as to the
         Corporation as of the time it is authorized,  approved or ratified,  by
         the Board of Directors, a committee thereof, or the stockholders.


         Issuance  of Shares.  The  amended  bylaws  state that no shares of the
         Corporation  shall be issued unless  authorized  by the Board,  or by a
         committee  designated  by the board to the  extent  such  committee  is
         empowered to do so.

         Certificates  for Shares.  The bylaws have also been amended to include
         in the  Certificates  for Shares  section,  a provision that states the
         Board may provide by resolution or resolutions  that some or all of any
         or all classes or series of the Corporation's  stock be uncertificated.
         Any  such  resolution  shall  not  apply  to  shares  represented  by a
         certificate  until such  certificate is surrendered to the  Corporation
         (or the transfer  agent or  registrar,  as the case may be). The bylaws
         also took out the option of the  directors  to  require  the owner of a
         lost or destroyed stock  certificate to give the corporation a bond, in
         such sum as they may direct to indemnify  the  corporation  against any
         claim that may be made against it on account of the alleged loss of any
         such certificate or the issuance of any such new certificate.

         In addition,  the provision  allowing the Board of Directors to declare
         dividends  upon the capital stock of the  corporation  has been removed
         from the amended bylaws.

         Section 6.  INDEMNIFICATION

         Actions  by or in the  Right of the  Corporation.  The  indemnification
         section has been expanded upon in the amended bylaws to include actions
         by or in the right of the Corporation.  The Corporation shall indemnify
         any person who was or is a party or is threatened to be made a party to
         any threatened,  pending or completed action or suit by or in the right
         of the  Corporation to procure a judgment in its favor by reason of the
         fact that he or she is or was a Director, officer, employee or agent of
         the Corporation, or is or was serving at the request of the Corporation
         as a Director,  officer,  employee,  agent of or participant in another
         corporation,  partnership,  joint  venture,  trust or other  enterprise
         against  expenses  (including  attorneys' fees) actually and reasonably
         incurred by such person in connection with the defense or settlement of
         such action or suit if he or she acted in good faith and in a manner he
         or  she  reasonably  believed  to be in or  not  opposed  to  the  best
         interests of the Corporation and except that no  indemnification  shall
         be made in  respect  of any  claim,  issue or matter  as to which  such
         person shall have been  adjudged to be liable for gross  negligence  or
         misconduct  in the  performance  of his or her duty to the  Corporation
         unless and only to the extent  that the  Delaware  Court of Chancery or
         the court in which such action or suit was brought shall determine upon
         application that,  despite the adjudication of liability but in view of
         all of the  circumstances  of the  case,  such  person  is  fairly  and
         reasonably  entitled to indemnity for such expenses  which the Delaware
         court of chancery or such other court shall deem proper.  It goes on to
         mention  that the  right of  indemnity  is not  exclusive  and that the
         Corporation may purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any person
         who  is  or  was  a  Director,   officer,  employee  or  agent  of  the

         Section 8.  GENERAL PROVISIONS

         Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year has been  specified to begin first day of
         January and end the last day of December.

         Voting of Securities. The amended bylaws now also include the provision
         stating that the  President  and the  Secretary,  and each other person
         authorized by the Board,  each acting singly,  may waive notice of, and
         act  as,  or  appoint  any  person  or  persons  to act  as,  proxy  or
         attorney-in-fact  for the Corporation at any meeting of stockholders or
         owners of other interest of any other  corporation or organization  the
         securities of which may be held by this Corporation.


                         EFFECTIVE DATE OF RATIFICATION

Pursuant to Rule 14c-2 under the Exchange Act, the effective  date of the action
stated herein,  shall not occur until a date at least twenty (20) days after the
date on which this  Information  Statement has been mailed to the  Stockholders.
The Company anticipates that the actions contemplated hereby will be ratified on
or about the close of business on July 31, 2008.

                         By Order of the Board of Directors

                         By: /s/ Zhilin Li
                         Zhilin Li