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WorkSocial is a futurist, business-driven platform that is responsible for supporting up and coming entrepreneurs. The organization aims to instil creativity and encourage ideas that can potentially change the world as we know it. The motto of WorkSocial is to create such a happy and healthy environment that helps startups to grow as a community.


Jersey City, New Jersey, 21 August 2020 – During the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, WorkSocial is acting as a responsible business of the community. It has taken an initiative of the ‘Jersey City Recovery Program’ to support black business and enterprises in times of distress. WorkSocial is a socially and politically aware business organization that promotes cultural, racial, and religious diversity in the work environment. During these times, WorkSocial has aligned itself with the cause of supporting Black businesses.

As part of their Jersey City Recovery Program, WorkSocial has announced membership incentives for entrepreneurs belonging to the black community. Apart from membership incentives, WorkSocial, for the first time, provides the option of Total Business Enablement for small to medium black businesses. This option entails benefits of financial and workplace support regarding the office set up. In short, WorkSocial is delivering the option of ‘tell us what you need’ to the community’s black business and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, WorkSocial has also extended its Recovery Program to Black-owned vendors and small enterprises. WorkSocial encourages members of the black community that have creative and inspiring business ideas and want to execute them in a safe and secure environment. To avail of their membership incentives and to be a part of this amazing business opportunity, black-owned businesses have to click ‘Work With Us’ to join the WorkSocial business platform.

These opportunities include providing shared working space to black-owned startups, a safe and secure environment, free and healthy foods, and snacks. Apart from working spaces, WorkSocial also provides 24/7 access to personalized conference rooms, training rooms, virtual office plans, and executive office space.

The foremost aim of the Jersey City Recovery Program is to provide a professional, safe, and secure working environment that prospers young entrepreneurs’ thought processes and promotes creativity. As part of their Jersey City Recovery Program, they have revamped their shared working space. WorkSocial has added additional facilities for their clients that take a step forward in bringing creative solutions to world problems.

Since the aim of WorkSocial is to facilitate their clients and keep them happy during work hours, they have launched their Client Growth Initiative. Through this initiative, WorkSocial promises to provide the entrepreneurs with whatever facilities they need. These facilities can include Advertising, SEO marketing, and other Search Engine Optimization options. Apart from this, WorkSocial provides a Virtual Receptionist to their clients. The purpose of this Virtual Receptionist is to ensure that the clients do not miss any single opportunity of growth.

In the case of financial instability, WorkSocial is now providing Short Term Funding to the most promising startup projects. Apart from these exclusive facilities, WorkSocial also has ultra-high-speed internet, state of the art furniture, and built-in audiovisual room setting for conferences. It has separate workspaces for economic, virtual, and confidential work-related businesses. It also provides free for all healthy cafe system.

For any startup that has game-changing ideas and is looking for a professional working space to turn their vision into reality, WorkSocial offers 24/7 concierge and renting services. WorkSocial also values the importance of your unique ideas and provides workplace security and cybersecurity options.

As part of the Jersey City Recovery Program, the last initiative is dedicated to the issues related to global health concerns. Due to the ongoing health crisis, offices are required to maintain social distancing and limit the number of employees in a single workplace. This has resulted in a shortage of space for employees to execute their ideas successfully. In times when companies are barely able to keep themselves afloat, space diversification and construction seems an impossible option. This is where WorkSocial promises to provide you with a shared co-working space.

As part of their initiative, WorkSocial has expanded its renting services from small and medium startups to big firms. WorkSocial is providing employees with Work-Reassurance of health during these times of stress due to the dire shortage of safe and medically secure environment. As part of their health protocol, ever co or shared working space is strictly following the current health business SOPs. These include obligated physical distancing between the employees and 24/7 cleaning and sanitizing facility. To ensure complete safety protocols, the workplace setup and furniture have been redesigned into a reimagined workplace setting.

WorkSocial values the business dynamics of its clients; therefore, even amidst the current health crisis, WorkSocial continues to provide a solution for a social distancing workplace environment. Without disruption to your business thought process, you can continue working in a state of the art working space, conference rooms, and well stock kitchen. Every station of the workplace is equipped with proper sanitization equipment. This has provided startups an alternative solution to online video meetings and has allowed them to continue their regular business operations while keeping the health of their employees a priority.

This new Jersey City Recovery Program has set WorkSocial apart from other space renting services. WorkSocial continues to be politically and socially aware while being proactive in the face of the world health crisis.

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