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Dr. Edward Schellhammer Publishes New Dream Interpretation Book

Modern Dream Theory helps people tap into the power of their inner spirit and find fulfillment in life through their dreams, reports

Marbella, Spain - December 23, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

Most people dream at night. That’s billions of dream messages around the globe every single day. Yet many people are unaware of the purpose or meaning of dreams. Some explore esoteric or superstitious interpretations, while many religions make absurd connections or even hijack interpretation for their own confirmation. With all the advances in technology and sophistication in lifestyle, it is a wonder that our society has not embraced a serious attitude towards dreams and dream interpretation.

“Still, dreams and their interpretation are the ‘via regia; to our true self,” says Dr. Edward Schellhammer, founder of the Schellhammer Retreat Center and author of the bestselling book “Modern Dream Theory.” He added that, “Dreams reflect our psychical-spiritual human being and our entire life. They show us our origin and our aim. Each dream is a puzzle, because they speak a ‘foreign’ language. Many lack openness for this symbolic language that can actually be learned.”

Dr. Schellhammer, who has worked with more than 250,000 dreams, gathered from his Schellhammer Institute clients over the last 35 years concludes, “Dream interpretation isn’t just a technique, a tool for self-discovery and a solution for life’s most important problems, but also an existential challenge of first order. Until human beings learn to take their inner life seriously, we will continue to see failings of grave magnitude around us.”

Inspired by Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. Schellhammer embarked upon the journey of exploring dreams, their architecture and their meaning. In his book “Modern Dream Theory,” he outlines the 17 most common dreams and what their meanings are. These include:

Burglar dreams, in which dusky figures break into the dreamer’s apartment, home, or bedroom at night. These always produce a certain fear, but the figures are mostly shadows and not integrated aspects of personality.

Childhood dreams that are dreamed retrospectively and relate with elements and themes from youth. These dreams are a call for catharsis, or a biographical reappraisal of the past.

Nightmares, which provide a specific message of warning to the dreaming person. The dreamer is in a particular matter exposed to significant hazard and is under pressure, which means the danger is paralyzing, depressing or oppressive. This emotion is the primary purpose of the dream-message. Many issues can be addressed in a nightmare, including a relationship, a current business, a forthcoming (wrong) decision, a career change, a possible termination, and, a decision with serious consequences. Nightmares are very important and have to be taken seriously, as the emotion of the nightmare cries out for help.

Archetypal dreams, which are symbols that address the basic forces of the psychical (mental) life and the development of human beings toward psychical-spiritual wholeness. Archetypes are plans and patterns, and some examples include paradise, wise men or women, spiritual suns, fountains, pyramids, and tombs. Containing mostly simple real-pictures and general symbols, archetypal dreams arise with all important inner processes of change and reflect decisive turning points, confronting humans in their whole being and existence.

Other types of dreams addressed in Dr. Schellhammer’s “Modern Dream Theory” book include fear and danger dreams, exam dreams, falling dreams, flying dreams, nakedness dreams, sexual fantasies, travel dreams, death dreams, initiation dreams, teeth dreams, prophetic dreams, and religious dreams.

Dr. Schellhammer went on to say, “The ‘Inner Spirit’, also known as our ‘Spiritual Intelligence’, is the mental function that creates our dreams intelligently and composes correctly practiced meditations. The Spirit is informative, organizing, guiding. The Spirit is the principle of acting in the soul. The Spirit is animating, stimulating, and benevolent. The Spirit is source of wisdom, part of the Creator. Therefore, the Spirit is not a human creation, not a product of culture, but a spiritual-psychical function in each psyche – particularly the soul and mind – of each human. The inner Spirit is the highest authority and stands above all religions and dogmatic teaching, and I am excited to teach others how to tap into theirs through this new book.”

For more interesting and exciting insights about dreams, dream interpretation and the meaning of dreams, grab a copy of the Modern Dream Theory Book.

About Dr. Edward Schellhammer:

The Schellhammer Retreat is an educational institution that offers a one-of-a-kind retreat together with a unique self-development educational program. The Schellhammer Retreat is about discovery, spirituality, fulfillment and self-exploration through the process of Individuation with Dream Interpretation and Analytical Sessions.

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