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The Importance of Drain Cleaning

The Importance of Drain CleaningPhoto from Unsplash

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Poor drainage systems aren’t just a potential hazard inside the home – they can also cause outdoor problems as well.

The Importance of Drain Cleaning:

Owning a home is likely one of the largest and most rewarding investments you’ll ever make. Creating a personalized space that reflects your personality and style is one of the fun parts about owning a home, but there are some undeniable headaches when it comes to homeownership as well. A clogged drain is just one of the many (and common) nuasisses in terms of things that can go wrong, the good news is, they can be prevented! Here are some compelling reasons to clean your drain, according to House Tipster.

  1. Fewer Blockages

Small clogs in the shower or sink that cause slow drains can be annoying, but they can typically be handled with a consumer-grade drain cleaner. But when you’ve got a serious clog that won’t budge, it’s necessary to get a proper drain cleaning as soon as possible. Too much buildup over time will cause your toilet to overflow, or even worse, cause your sewer lines to leak or burst. That’s when things really start to get messy — and expensive.

  1. Reduced Odors

A clogged drain not only stops water from going down properly, but it also allows bad smells from the depths of your plumbing to flow into your home. Sewers have an odor that is hard to remove. Once that smell gets in your home, it can be a real challenge to clear it. Your best bet is to make sure it never gets there in the first place. Cleaning the drain regularly is the best way to make sure bad odors stay down below where they belong.

  1. A Cleaner Home

Water from your sewer lines carry bacteria, bugs, and who-knows-what-else. So when your drains are clogged and overflow, everything that dwells in that water is coming with it. Having the drains cleaned on a regular basis helps to prevent the gross stuff in your sewers from entering your home and putting your family’s health at risk.

  1. Reduced Expenses

When you have your drains cleaned, you can also ask the technician to inspect your sewer lines for damage. Older pipes can often rust, leak, or be penetrated by tree roots. Your technician can help you catch these issues sooner rather than later. That way you’re dealing with a less expensive repair rather than the massive cost and inconvenience of a pipe replacement.

  1. Safe & Clean Outdoor Areas

Poor drainage systems aren’t just a potential hazard inside the home – they can also cause outdoor problems as well. A blocked drain can create standing water on your property, leading to soil erosion, dangerous and slippery surfaces, mold growth, breeding areas for mosquitos and other insects, and decaying plants, flowers, and gardens. If you notice standing water or puddles around your home, it could be due to a blocked drain.

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