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Foosball Table Setup: Step-by-Step Guide

Foosball Table Setup: Step-by-Step GuidePhoto from Unsplash

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Foosball is a game you can’t play and enjoy without a good table. Having your own foosball table allows you to enjoy the game any time with your family and friends. If you’ve just bought yours, you’re probably wondering how to set it up in your home’s game room. It has many parts, and doing the job might seem overwhelming even with a manual.

For more detailed instructions, below is a step-by-step guide on proper foosball table setup. This article will explain every step you need to take and share some necessary tips on maintaining the table once finished. This way, you can also use your table for a long time.


How to Assemble a Foosball Table

Assembling a table can take minutes up to hours, so you have to make sure to allot enough free time before you start setting up your table. Ensure you’ll also do it in a location with a flat surface so the table won’t wobble or tip once complete.

Here are the typical tools you’d need to start:

  • Allen key (which is usually included with the table package)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer (for some tables)
  • Level

Make sure these are within your reach so that you can start with the step-by-step assembly.

Check the Parts

Unpack the table and lay out all the components that come with it. You must have all the parts needed to assemble the table fully. Since there would be many parts to handle, you can make a checklist of all the items and organize them into groups.

This is to avoid missing anything and ensure everything is in good condition. You don’t want to start setting up and then find out midday something is missing. Here are some of the parts to expect:

  • Rods and bearings
  • Players
  • Bumpers
  • Balls
  • Wraps and handles
  • Scorers
  • Pins and pin punches
  • Legs and leg levelers
  • Accessories (lighting, cup holder, etc.)

Check the Manufacturer’s Manual

Aside from the parts, check the manual for more detailed and specific setup instructions. It’s usually included in the package, but if not, you can search for it on the manufacturer’s site or contact them.

Study and read over the manual. You can also arrange the components in sequence based on the required order when assembling the table.

Attach the Base to the Legs/Bottom

Connect the base to the bottom of the table. Flip the base upside down for easier leg attachment. Attach all four legs to the corners and secure them with bolts. Ensure all legs are tightly and evenly fastened to prevent future accidents and ensure a good gaming experience.

Attach the Playing Surface


Flip over the table base with attached legs to make it stand upright. Then, attach the playing surface to the top of the table.

Keep in mind that it’s delicate and sensitive, so make sure to be careful and exercise caution to avoid any dents and scratches. Dents or scratches can affect how the ball rolls when playing the game.

Attach and Secure the Sides



Next is the table’s sides. There might be a specific way you need to follow when attaching them based on your specific table. It’s best to recheck the manual to be sure you’re attaching the right sides to the right places.

Once attached, secure them with screws or bolts and the corner pieces. These pieces will add a more secure hold to the sides, so make sure to secure them in place so they don’t move during a game.

Attach the Leg Levelers and Straighteners



Flip the table over again so that the legs are in the air. This makes it easier to do this next step. Attach one leveler to each of the table legs. Then, tighten the straighteners to the legs to prevent swaying and shifting during plays. After these, flip over the table again.

Setup the Players


Insert the rods into the tabletop and work on the foosball players by attaching them to the rods. As you add the players, ensure they face the opposing goal. Make sure all players are added by checking and counting them.

Add Stoppers and Handles


To prevent the rods from sliding off the table when playing, you can now add the stoppers. Place stoppers on either side of the outermost players in each rod. Next, add the handles to the ends of the rods. Attach the handles to the right ends, allowing the players to move them effectively.

If your table comes with grips or wraps, add them to the handles as well. This would make gripping and moving the handles easier.

Attach Scorers, Goals, and Serving Holes


Place the goals on each end of the playing area. Then, fasten a marker or scorer to the top of the crossbar of each goal.  You’d also need to secure the serving holes on both sides after you’ve fitted them properly.

Use Lubricant

After everything’s in place, lubricate the rods with a good lubricant. This will keep them moving smoothly while you play and can increase the lifespan of the rods as well. Although this isn’t a necessary step, it’s still recommended for your rods.


Maintenance Tips for Your Foosball Table

It’s necessary to keep your foosball table well-maintained and clean for a long time. Here are some tips you can follow to keep everything clean:

  • Clean the table once a month if used moderately and once every week if used quite frequently.
  • To avoid stains from spilled drinks, use a side table or add cup holders to put your drinks on.
  • Use a clean cloth or cotton rug and rubbing alcohol when cleaning the table.
  • Add silicone or lubricant to every rod to keep its glossy look.
  • Make sure the rubbing alcohol you use has 70% to 90% alcohol concentration to avoid damaging the table.



Foosball table setup is a necessary process to complete before you can enjoy a good foosball game. Just make sure to have all the necessary tools and table components before you start to make the whole process a lot easier. If there are specific instructions for your specific table model in its manual, make sure not to overlook them.

If you’re looking for some good table options, you can check out our foosball table collection. We have high-quality tables with different features and designs to match your needs and preferences!

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