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Discover the Most Instagrammable Spots with Our Taiwan Tour Packages

Discover the Most Instagrammable Spots with Our Taiwan Tour PackagesPhoto from Unsplash

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Welcome to your next family adventure! As seasoned guides with our renowned Taiwan travel agency, we specialize in crafting unforgettable journeys that cater to the whims and wonders of all ages. Today, let me take you on a visual and sensory journey to Taiwan’s most photogenic locations, all included in our exclusive local tours Taiwan packages.

Tainan Tourist Spots – Where History Meets Charm

The Heart of Tainan

Imagine walking through the ancient streets of Tainan tourist spots, where every corner tells a story. Here’s why this city is a must-visit:

  • Chimei Museum: Its stunning European architecture makes it a perfect backdrop for family portraits.
  • Anping Tree House: Marvel at nature’s takeover of this old warehouse, with roots and branches intertwined through its structure—a truly unique snapshot!
  • Tainan Confucius Temple: A serene place offering beautiful traditional architecture and a peaceful garden setting.

Each site not only enriches your understanding of Taiwan’s rich history but also serves as an incredible setting for those cherished family photos.

Culinary Delights: Food Tours in Taiwan

Feast Your Way Through Taiwan

Taiwan’s street food scene is vibrant and offers flavors that can transform any meal into a festive gathering. Here’s what your taste buds shouldn’t miss in the food tours Taiwan:

  • Night Markets in Taipei: Try everything from stinky tofu to sweet, icy treats. Each stall offers a discovery.
  • Kaohsiung’s Gastronomy: Explore the seafood galore and snap colorful dishes that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat.

Photography tip: Capture the sizzle of a hot grill or the intricate assembly of Taiwan’s famous bubble tea to add action to your food stories!

Natural Wonders: Sun Moon Lake Tour

Scenic Serenity at Its Best

The Sun Moon Lake tour is enveloped by lush mountains and offers tranquil waters that reflect the sky. It’s the perfect setting for:

  • Biking Around the Lake: A leisurely cycle around the lake offers panoramic views at every turn—great for active families.
  • Boat Rides on the Lake: Glide over the glassy water and capture the breathtaking scenery from a different perspective.

Majestic Taroko National Park Tour

Explore the Depths of Taroko Gorge

Imagine trekking through the breathtaking scenery of Taroko National Park tour – that’s exactly what this tour offers. Here, you’ll be greeted by towering walls of marble and valleys so deep they take your breath away – it’s like stepping right into a masterpiece painted by nature itself. Imagine a spot that delights your sight and soothes your soul, all wrapped up among incredible earthly creations. Here’s how to immerse yourself fully in this natural masterpiece:

  1. Hiking Trails: Taroko is crisscrossed with accessible trails that allow even the youngest adventurers to safely explore. These paths range from easy walks to more challenging treks, each providing unique encounters with the park’s stunning geology and diverse flora. Notable trails include:
    • Baiyang Waterfall Trail: An easy hike that leads to spectacular waterfalls and tunnels.
    • Zhuilu Old Trail: Offers breathtaking views of the gorge below, perfect for those memorable panoramic shots.
  2. Photography Hotspots: The park is dotted with numerous spots that are perfect for capturing its ethereal beauty.
    • Shakadang Trail: Known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters contrasted against the sharp white marble rocks.
    • Swallow Grotto: This spot allows you to capture the dramatic vertical cliffs and the winding river below. It’s an excellent location for those seeking to add a touch of adventure to their family photo album.
  3. Geological Marvels: Engage with the dynamic environment where you can see and learn about the marble formations that define Taroko. The Taroko Gorge tour includes expert guides who explain the natural processes that have sculpted these landscapes over millennia.

Planning Your Trip – Tours to Taiwan from the USA

Planning a trip from the US to Taiwan is easier than you think, especially with our tailored tours to Taiwan from US that ensure a hassle-free vacation. We handle everything from visas to itinerary planning, leaving you to simply enjoy the journey.

Why Choose Our Taiwan Tour Packages?

Planning a vacation can be a bit of a puzzle, but our Taiwan tours packages are here to make it a breeze for you and your family. We take care of all the details so you can just soak in the beauty of Taiwan stress-free. Families like yours have loved how easy we make it to create lasting memories, as every part of our tour is designed with your joy and comfort in mind.


Every single location included in our tour packages is a picture-perfect setting just waiting for your family’s smiles. Whether it’s the rich history, stunning natural landscapes, or exciting food scenes, Taiwan is like a vibrant canvas ready for your family’s next big adventure. From the mountains to the city streets, each spot offers a unique backdrop for those cherished holiday snaps.

Capture the Beauty of Taiwan

Are you ready to see Taiwan through your camera lens and feel it with your heart? Reach out to us today to book your next getaway and start collecting memories that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. At Life of Taiwan, we’re all about creating personalized, immersive experiences. We’re experts in private, family-friendly tours and are passionate about bringing the stunning diversity of Taiwan info closer to you. Let’s make your travel dreams come true—get in touch to find out more about how we can tailor your perfect Taiwanese vacation.

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