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What are the Kitchen Fixtures Found in a Modern Design?

What are the Kitchen Fixtures Found in a Modern Design?Photo from Unsplash

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You’ve landed smack dab in the middle of your ultimate guide for sprucing up your cooking area with some seriously cool and updated kitchen fixtures. Dreaming of giving your kitchen a whole new look or do just want to tweak a couple of things? Well, you’re in the right spot! We’re here with all sorts of advice, clever hacks, and funny stories that will guide you through choosing the perfect kitchen sinks, faucets, and everything in between.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Let’s face it, your kitchen sink does more than just handle dirty dishes – it stands at the heart of your kitchen’s design and plays a crucial role in day-to-day life. Whether you’re giving your veggies a quick rinse, prepping for spaghetti night, or just scrubbing up before dinner, picking the perfect kitchen sink can step up your game in both cooking and cleanup.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what you should be on the lookout for in a Think of the modern kitchen sink as more than just a place to wash dishes. It’s now a sleek, high-tech hub where design meets function in your home, keeping things clean and efficient without needing middlemen. So, it’s more than just handy—it ties your kitchen together and makes a statement.

Material Matters

  • Granite Composite: Known for its durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat. A granite sink can add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. Plus, it comes in various colors to match your interior.
  • Stainless Steel: The go-to for most modern kitchens, stainless steel sinks are lightweight, easy to clean, and resist corrosion. They blend seamlessly with almost any décor style, from minimalist to industrial chic.
  • Porcelain: For those seeking a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen, porcelain sinks offer a classic look. However, they require more upkeep to prevent chipping and staining over time.

Style and Function

  • Single vs. Double Basin: Consider how you use your kitchen. A single kitchen sink basin offers ample space for large pots and baking sheets, while a double basin allows for multi-tasking, such as washing and rinsing simultaneously.
  • Undermount vs. Top-Mount: Undermount sinks offer a sleek, seamless look and make countertop cleaning a breeze. Top-mount, or drop-in sinks, on the other hand, are generally easier and less expensive to install.

Size and Fit

  • Measuring Your Space: Before falling in love with a sink, ensure it will fit. Measure the width, depth, and height of your cabinet space. Most standard cabinets accommodate a sink up to 33 inches wide, but if you have custom cabinetry, you might have more flexibility.
  • Thinking About Depth: Deep sinks are great for hiding dishes and soaking pots but consider if you’re comfortable bending over a deeper basin. Shallower sinks can prevent back strain and still handle most kitchen tasks effectively.


Consider the tale of a homeowner who opted for an oversized, deep, single-basin kitchen sink. They loved the modern look and the capacity to hide dishes during dinner parties. However, they found that the depth caused some discomfort during longer periods of use. This highlights the importance of matching your sink not just to your kitchen’s style, but to your physical comfort and the way you cook and clean.

Faucets: More Than Just Water

Modern kitchen sink faucets have evolved into sophisticated pieces of hardware that can significantly enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Features: Look for faucets with pull-down sprayers, touchless operation, or water filtration for added convenience and efficiency.
  • Finish: Chrome, stainless steel, or perhaps something more unique like an oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet? Choose a finish that complements your kitchen’s color scheme and design aesthetic.
  • Installation: Single-hole, three-hole, or something else? Make sure you know what your sink can accommodate.


A neighbor once decided to upgrade to a faucet with a kitchen faucet side sprayer, and it was a game-changer for them. No more awkwardly trying to fill pots with water or clean every corner of the sink basin. It’s the little things that make a big difference!

The Allure of Oil-Rubbed Bronze

There’s something warm and inviting about oil-rubbed bronze fixtures in a modern kitchen. They strike the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary sophistication. Whether you opt for an oil-rubbed bronze kitchen sink or faucet, these fixtures can add a touch of elegance and timeless appeal to your space.

Remember, though, oil-rubbed bronze requires a bit of care to keep it looking its best. Wiping it down with a soft cloth after use can prevent water spots and maintain its beautiful finish.

Making It All Work Together

Your kitchen fixtures should not only be functional but also cohesive. Here’s how to ensure your choices work well together:

  • Match your metals: Consistency in the finish (like sticking to oil-rubbed bronze) can pull the look together.
  • Consider the overall style: Modern, traditional, farmhouse? Make sure your fixtures reflect the kitchen’s overall theme.
  • Functionality first: It’s easy to get caught up in how things look but remember, your kitchen needs to be practical.

Elevating Your Home with Exceptional Fixtures

When it comes to finding high-quality, stylish kitchen fixtures, ANZZI is your premier destination. With a wide selection of modern kitchen sinks, faucets, and accessories, we’re here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of our modern kitchen sinks or the rustic charm of our oil-rubbed bronze faucets, ANZZI offers unmatched quality and design.

Give Your Kitchen an ANZZI Makeover!

Feeling inspired to give your kitchen a fresh, modern vibe? Dive into ANZZI’s treasure trove of kitchen goodies! We’ve got everything from the super practical kitchen faucet with side sprayer to stunning oil-rubbed bronze kitchen sinks that’ll make your space look like it’s straight out of a home decor magazine.

But hey, let’s not forget what the kitchen is really about. It’s where you whip up midnight snacks, spill flour everywhere while attempting new recipes, and where friends gather around for endless cups of coffee. It’s not just about cooking and cleaning; it’s about laughter, messes, and making memories. When you pick out fixtures from ANZZI, you’re doing more than just a kitchen update. You’re setting the stage for all the wonderful moments to come.

So, why not let ANZZI be a part of your kitchen’s next chapter? We’re all about blending function with flair, ensuring your kitchen isn’t just a feast for the stomach but for the eyes too. Swing by ANZZI and kickstart your adventure toward a kitchen that’s as lively and unique as you are.

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