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(the) Essence Brand Spotlight

(the) Essence Brand SpotlightPhoto from Unsplash

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Verano continues to be a formidable name in the cannabis industry, in part because it is always growing and changing along with the industry itself. Recently, Verano’s Essence cannabis brand has gone through a rebranding intended to reach more cannabis connoisseurs with its top-shelf products. What was once known as Essence is now referred to as (the) Essence, a brand that encourages people to live in the moment and enjoy modern cannabis solutions. (the) Essence aims to assist you in savoring all the sensory experiences life offers with enhanced cannabis products.

As this is a relatively new change for this brand, our team at Ivy Hall has created a guide to everything you should know about (the) Essence. From the products the brand offers to what real customers have to say about them, you’ll be able to explore the ins and outs of (the) Essence. At its end, we hope you’ll find (the) Essence products that meet your needs at your neighborhood Ivy Hall dispensary.

(the) Essence Rebranding

Essence cannabis embarked on this rebranding journey in an effort to improve cannabis users’ focus on the current moment. This stems from the thoughtful focus its parent company, Verano, places on time itself: time is valuable and it is human nature to do what we can to spend it wisely. You might have heard the expression, “time is of the essence,” and that phrase is the basis for this revamp.

(the) Essence features timeless products with a fresh, modern take on cannabis use. Verano’s innovative – yet precision – cultivation methods result in the most effective cannabis strains possible. From there, (the) Essence brand leaders craft a host of wonderful products with the goal of improving your cannabis journey.

(the) Essence Products

Intentional cannabis strategies result in precision-crafted products, and Verano proudly offers several (the) Essence products. We are equally proud to feature these in our friendly neighborhood dispensaries. Learn more about each product we feature to inform your decision-making and guide your cannabis experience.

(the) Essence Flower


Arguably the best-known cannabis product on the market, cannabis flower is taken to new heights by (the) Essence. Carefully cultivated and painstakingly harvested for the most effective and pleasant experience possible, each strain is carefully selected for (the) Essence flower products. Generous amounts of strain-specific flower in each jar means you can choose the strain that fits your unique needs. Whether you want to relax into a blissful, soothing sensation or feel energized and ready for the day, (the) Essence provides a wide range of flower strains to choose from.

Your Ivy Hall dispensary is proud to provide multiple different flower strains by (the) Essence. Each strain includes its own unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning it features a signature scent, flavor, and effect. That can make the process of finding the right strain for you much easier. Whether you want something tart and zesty like Grape Bubblegum or something sweet like Apple Fritter, (the) Essence flower will enhance your sensory experience from all angles.

Here are some real reviews from (the) Essence flower fans.

(the) Essence Flower Reviews

“Very nice strain here. Nice cross, too. Look it up. Great indica and nice euphoric feelings. Recommend on this no doubt.” – 5-Star Review, Alien Breath strain

“This starts with a really fun head high that enhances whatever you’re doing. It’s a really gentle come down that kinda lulls you to sleep. Perfect for an after work [session] or for chilling with friends.” – 5-Star Review, Apple Fritter strain

“Great fruity smell, and overall a pleasant indica.” – 5-Star Review, Fruit Pops strain

“This is my first time buying flower from Verano and I’m pretty impressed. The buzz came on nice and slow but then kept growing into a wonderful feeling of bliss, relaxation, and euphoria. And goodbye lower back pain! I’d buy it again.” – 5-Star Review, Ice Cream Candy strain

“Everything I’ve got from Verano lately has been fire, and this is no different. It literally smells like rocky road ice cream like spot on. Really scrumptious. That smell carries over to the taste. Very smooth smoke with a slight coco sweetness on the exhale. The looks and nug quality are all top tier. The eighth I received was three big solid nugs. They were NOT too dry either. I thought they would crumble to powder but they didn’t. As for the effects, not very sedating and no couch lock. Very hybrid like. Nice blissful feeling with just an overall pleasant experience. No anxiety. No worries. Just feeling good. Everything about it is great. I keep trying to find something to complain about but can’t. Would recommend highly.” – 5-Star Review, Rocky Road strain

(the) Essence J’s


Tightly packaged and easy to carry, J’s are ideal when you want to take a break from your hectic schedule and enjoy a sensor cannabis experience. Each J (also known as a joint) is ready to light and lift at a moment’s notice. Despite their small size, each is also packed with plenty of your preferred cannabis strain. When you’re ready to live in the moment instead of getting caught up in past regrets or future worries, you can simply light up a J and enjoy.

(the) Essence J’s come in two sizes: 1g or 2.5g, with each pack containing five J’s. J’s are pre-rolled with popular Verano cannabis strains such as Apricot Stomper, Jet Fuel Gelato, Strawberry Milkshake, and more. From sweet and citrusy to gassy and funky, we know you can find a strain that’s pleasing to you.

Real users love (the) Essence J’s – see how much!

(the) Essence J’s Reviews

“This pre-roll will have you absolutely STOMPED! The high was a pleasant blend of stimulating head high/calming body high. I slept for 12.5 hours after smoking this strain. 10/10 recommend!” – 5-Star Review, Apricot Stomper strain

“Great for relaxation. Also helps for sleep.” – 5-Star Review, Jet Fuel Gelato strain

“This is my all time favorite strain! It helps ease all my pain and calm my mind down.” – 5-Star Review, Mag Landrace strain

“Never had a bad experience with Verano. Sonny G is 1 of the best.” – 5-Star Review, Sonny G strain

“Surpassed my expectations. High tolerance being a daily smoker, and it had been a few days but the first few hits were enough to get me golden.” – 5-Star Review, Cherry Gorilla strain

(the) Essence Botanical Vapes

While cannabis flower is the tried-and-true cannabis experience, a growing number of cannabis users prefer to vape. For that reason, Ivy Hall works hard to carry a variety of vaping products on shelves. By infusing potent cannabis oil with botanical terpenes found in cannabis strains, Verano crafts a consistent and pleasing vape experience every single time.

(the) Essence Botanical Vapes feature .3g disposable vapes or .5 and 1g cartridges filled with popular strains including Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, and Lemon Cake. If you prefer to vape when consuming cannabis, (the) Essence disposables can serve as a reminder to focus on the present, ensuring you’re using the most optimal products possible. Larger carts can help you stay in the moment for even more time to come.

Learn more about what clients had to say about Botanical Vapes.

(the) Essence Botanical Vapes Reviews

“I loved this product! I loved the flavor, and the fact I only had to take a small puff to get maximum benefits. I had oral surgery right before I tried this and it helped tremendously with the pain. I played more guitar than usual and was just overall relaxed. Love this one and will be ordering it again.” – 5-Star Review, Grapefruit Kush strain

“Great lil distillate if you need to change your mood lol. Tastes great and uplifting. Too much is too much with Strawberry Cough, so 2-5 puffs should get you right.” – 5-Star Review, Strawberry Cough strain

“One of the best vapes I’ve tried for any pre-game activities. About to work out? Perfect. About to game? Perfect. About to relax and watch a TV show? Perfect. Keeps you clear minded, pain free, and tastes great.” – 5-Star Review, Cantaloupe Haze strain

(the) Essence Nectar Vapes

A truly fantastic option for those looking to extend their cannabis journey, (the) Essence nectar vapes feature cannabis extracts derived from cured flower, creating a potent and flavorful vape. Nectar vapes are created via butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. This allows cannabis concentrate to be incredibly potent and retain its original terpene profile.

Because of the high terpene content, these strains tend to stand out from the rest due to their distinctive aromas and flavors. Incidentally, the interplay between terpenes and cannabinoids may also be a reason cannabis can be used as a tool to treat various health conditions. Terpenes interact with cannabinoids and the body’s cannabinoid receptors, meaning they could be essential in cannabis’ effect on certain symptoms.

Here’s what real people had to say about Nectar Vapes, available in .5g and 1g cartridges or .3g disposable vapes.

(the) Essence Nectar Vapes Reviews

“High THC content. 2 hits and you’re buzzed. One pen lasts me about a week if I use it sparingly. I’ll take a couple of hits and finish up with a joint. Works good!” – 5-Star Review, Lemon Cake strain

“I will get this again! Usually, the pens lose their potency a bit after I have been using the same one a lot, but this one is amazing every.single.time!” – 5-Star Review, Tropic Thunder strain

“Definitely recommend this product. Good for pain and anxiety and Berry flavored.” – 5-Star Review, Berry Gelato strain

“This is for sure one of my favorites. The flavor alone is incredible. Hope to find it in 1g carts.” – 5-Star Review, Wildberry strain

(the) Essence Nectar Gummies

Edibles have become a popular option among cannabis users due to their convenience and sweet flavor. Nectar Gummies from (the) Essence are some of our favorites on the market. Much like Nectar Vapes, cured single-strain cannabis flower undergoes the BHO extraction process, creating potent, terpene-rich cannabis resin extracts. These are infused into gummies that are packed with terpenes and fruity flavors. This allows each gummy to represent its original strain and provide a unique experience to the user.

(the) Essence Xtracts

(the) Essence Xtracts are a range of popular cannabis concentrate textures. Each is developed by using ethanol to extract the most beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a powerful concentrate that is physically manipulated into cannabis wax, whipped and dried into crumble, or melted and hardened into glass-like shatter (as pictured above). Each of these concentrates are ideal for unique uses, especially dab rigs, dab pens, and more.

Xtracts are enticing to individuals who want stronger, more powerful hits. Here’s what Xtracts fans had to say.

(the) Essence Xtracts Reviews

“I have tried to reduce my spending and make my own cartridges using a hot plate and so I have tried a few different concentrates. For some odd reason as hard as shatter is the viscosity after decarbing it is absolute perfection and the smell and taste just seem to explode back when it doesn’t seem noticeable at first. The cannabinoid % always seems to show a high % of various additional CBs (not including whatever small .x% CBD) which is great for MED patients who need those for their own purposes.” – 5-Star Review, Space Mints strain

“I’m a big concentrate guy and this was some power. I love shatter. They should keep it stocked. Great taste and great pain reliever.” – 5-Star Review, Space Mints strain

“While I have to say I think the Moon Boots that I got from them is slightly better than this strain; I have to say that Verano surprised me with the quality of those two. Just over thirty I have to say that I am happy I branched out from my usual. The 3 from Verano I have been very pleased with: Yum Yum, Moon Boots, Space Mints.” – 5-Star Review, Space Mints strain

“This is one of the best strains I have found for pain and mood health. I want to say WOW from opening the jar to plucking very admirable flower. Covered in frosty good. The aroma was on par cake and Kush, I really like that scent. Very strong pain reduction. I am exceptionally happy with Space Mints!! Highly Recommended.” – 5-Star Review, Space Mints strain

Why We Recommend (the) Essence Products

As you can see, many happy individuals have left comments online discussing their various experiences with (the) Essence brand products. In turn, we’re pleased to see that so many people have found (the) Essence to be a favorite part of their cannabis journey.

One of the most significant reasons we are so enthusiastic about recommending (the) Essence by Verano is because of the brand’s commitment to quality. Our team at Ivy Hall is well-versed in cannabis brands and products, and we refuse to stock or recommend any products that don’t meet our standard of quality. That’s why we prefer to work with brands who are dedicated to their craft and committed to improving the cannabis journey for everyone.

We’ve taken note of Verano’s high-quality process in the past, and we feel certain (the) Essence products can help you achieve your cannabis goals. Try (the) Essence Strawberry Cough Distillate Disposable Vape, Traveler’s Pineapple Express Distillate Disposable Vape, or a Sonny G J.

Find (the) Essence at Ivy Hall Dispensaries

Ivy Hall is proud to feature nine neighborhood dispensaries, with more to come. Step into the friendly confines of our unique sensory dispensary, and you’ll find a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding cannabis.

Our time on earth is limited, so your sensory experience with cannabis products, including (the) Essence brand, should be as enjoyable as possible. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the products and brands we feature.


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