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Where To Buy New Wood Pallets

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Where can I buy new wood pallets? PalletOne Inc. manufactures and sells a complete selection of wood pallets throughout the eastern United States. At PalletOne, our company provides wood pallets for a variety of packaging and shipment needs, including pre-made new pallets, custom pallets, recycled pallets, and more. As the leading provider of wood pallets in the U.S., we proudly offer pallets made from many wood species and grades. Our pallets never fail to meet the industry standards set forth by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) as well as the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15).

Where to Buy New or Recycled Pallets?

Pallets are one of the most popular packaging methods in the commercial shipping industry, spurring an ongoing debate on the best place to get wood pallets. From grocery stores to recycling centers to dedicated pallet production companies, there is a broad range of options for companies to choose from. Although pallets are a widely reused product, not all options are right for every company.

Contrary to popular opinion, free does not always mean better, as pallets that have experienced spillage or staining pose the risk of contaminating future shipments. A general rule of thumb is that pallets should only be reused within the same industry, and they should also come from a qualified provider.

When it comes to purchasing wood pallets, there is a variety of elements to consider. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a simple guide on wood pallets, as follows:

What Type Of Wood Is Typically Used For Pallets?

The most common wood types used in the fabrication of pallets are oak and southern yellow pine (SYP). These are not individual wood species, but rather classifications set based on the density of the wood, i.e., pallets containing primarily one or the other wood type.

Today, wood pallet materials are differentiated by hardwood vs. softwood classifications:

  • Oak is classified as a hardwood due to its strength and durability, enabling the use of thinner, lighter boards in pallet creation. This hardwood is widely available, as leftover oak lumber that is too low-grade for furniture production is typically utilized for pallets instead.
  • SYP is classified as a softwood, and hence it is known for its low cost and wide availability. When heat treated, yellow pine creates particularly clean pallets for food-related and pharmaceutical industries.

What Is The Most Common Pallet Size?

The standard size for a wood pallet in the American packaging and shipment industry is 48” x 40”. While this size is specially designed to accommodate the majority of shipment needs, PalletOne can manufacture pallets of any size to fit your distinct specifications. Whether it be vegetables, industrial products or other transport needs, you can count on our custom pallets to provide a safe and sturdy solution for easy transport.

Are Wood Pallets Recyclable?

In short, yes. PalletOne offers complete “zero-to-landfill” recycling programs for the disposal, recycling, and/or repurposing of wood pallets. In an effort to create environmentally friendly operations across all sub-divisions of the shipping industry, we perform a full waste stream analysis and develop landfill management solutions tailored to each company’s needs and materials.

As part of our recycling initiatives, we also offer the following:

  • Pallet Purchase Programs
  • Pallet Repair Programs
  • On-Site Pallet Management Programs

To learn more or purchase wood pallets exclusively from PalletOne, please do not hesitate to call our main line at 800-771-1148 or reach out via EMAIL  today.

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