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Lowell D. Kraff, Co-Founder and Chairman of Trivergance and Ubicquia, Discusses the Superpower of Creating Serendipity

Visionary entrepreneur Lowell Kraff, co-founder of Trivergance and Ubicquia, champions serendipity as a dynamic business force. His success stems from actively pursuing opportunities, fostering a culture of problem-solving, and embracing unpredictability. His leadership inspires startups to similarly utilize serendipity to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

In the realm of business and innovation, serendipity — the concept of unexpectedly happening upon valuable discoveries — is often brushed aside as mere luck. However, Lowell Kraff, the visionary co-founder and chairman of Trivergance and Ubicquia, begs to differ. He is a maestro of harnessing the seemingly magical moments of serendipity to further his business ventures. Startups and ambitious enterprises should take note: The narrative woven by Lowell Kraff not only inspires but also serves as a pragmatic blueprint for those who dare to achieve extraordinary things by combining persistence and foresight with the superpower of serendipity.

For Lowell Kraff, serendipity does not signify a passive hope for good fortune; rather, he sees it as an active and confident pursuit of opportunities. It is an assertive attitude toward the unpredictable market landscape, characterized by the expectation of finding solutions in unexpected places. It is crucial for budding entrepreneurs to understand that serendipity favors the prepared mind, and the most remarkable breakthroughs often emerge from the confluence of preparation and opportunity. 

At Trivergance, Lowell Kraff's long-term investment vehicle, quality control and innovation are not merely buzzwords but the bedrock of a robust business methodology. The company identifies innovative enterprises and then often provides support and expertise to drive significant growth at these enterprises. The focus is on recognizing opportunities that others fail to spot — a distinction that encapsulates the essence of Kraff's approach.

Additionally, his leadership role at Ubicquia highlights a push to embrace community-enriching innovations. Ubicquia specializes in offering cost-effective and scalable smart city platforms. Here, serendipity again plays a key role in operations: By providing solutions where they are least expected, the company improves urban living conditions while also expanding its market reach. This reflects a compassionate, people-first philosophy entrenched in smart business thinking.

Trust in the power of creating serendipity aligns with being at the forefront of problem-solving — a quality Lowell Kraff prides himself on possessing. He nurtures a culture where unexpected problems are viewed not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth and learning. Startups would greatly benefit from adopting this mentality since it fosters an environment where complexity and challenges are met with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Each success story spearheaded by Lowell Kraff is a testament to his belief in the superpower of creating serendipity. An explorer's mindset – the urge to voyage beyond familiar shores – combined with ambition and precise execution has allowed him to discover untapped potential and foster business growth.

Startups eager to make their mark should be emboldened by Lowell Kraff’s journey. They should equip themselves with a transcendent vision and an assertive language that speaks of not just survival but leadership in their industry. Harmony lies in the fusion of quality, innovation, and community focus, and as Lowell Kraff has demonstrated, tapping into the creation of serendipity which necessitates a blend of confidence and preparedness to pivot when opportunity reveals itself. Entrepreneurs should embrace the unpredictable with boldness and ambition, unleashing their innovative spirit to steer their ship toward success and fulfillment.

Lowell Kraff is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with an established reputation in the venture capital and private equity industry. He has over 29 years of experience in leveraged buyouts, venture investing, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and real estate finance, achieving success through his ability to identify industry trends and apply his expertise across a range of industries, capital types, and security structures. Mr. Kraff has been a principal investor in over 50 companies, is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of entrepreneurial merchant banking firm Trivergance since 2006 and is currently the Chairman and Co-Founder of Ubicquia. Mr. Kraff also served as the Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder of Diamond Resorts, International the 2nd largest provider of timeshare, from 2007 to 2016. Lowell Kraff is currently bringing his expertise and entrepreneurial approach to bear as part of the leadership teams at Trivergance and Ubicquia.

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