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Forget Influencers, Embrace Employee Influencers: Why EGC is Booming

Author: Mahmood Owolabi

While customer reviews and social media posts (UGC) are popular marketing tools, employees can be just as powerful.  Think of them as brand ambassadors creating content (EGC) that builds trust and resonates with potential customers.  This approach is another winning marketing tactic for businesses today and using EGC in your communication plan can boost both how well your message gets across and how the public sees your company. Hence why EGC is filling our newsfeeds and for you pages, and you know what…We enjoy it! 

A good place to start is with a definition. What exactly is employee-generated content?

Employee-generated content (EGC) is content created by your team. Employees are the best Brand Ambassadors for your Employer Brand. They're your most valuable champions, sharing their experiences through images, videos, blog posts, interviews, social media activity, and more. This content is primarily shared on your business’s online platforms.

According to Edelman’s trust barometer research even found that company experts are trusted 66% of the time. That’s the kind of credibility money can’t buy.

Cisco leverages employee stories to showcase their work environment and attract new talent. Here’s what their Brand & Social Media Lead had to say about EGC:

“Employee-generated content is what has put the @WeAreCisco team on its path to success, with the metrics to prove its value.”

Leading Tech companies like SEMRUSH have leveraged EGC on TikTok to generate millions of views to drive awareness for their brand.

Top Benefits of Employee-Generated Content (EGC):

  • Boosts Trust: Employees are your company's inside experts. People trust their authentic voices more than generic marketing messages.
  • Freshens Up Content: EGC goes beyond marketing content. It brings diverse perspectives and ideas from different departments, showcasing a culture of innovation.
  • Engages Employees: Giving employees a voice makes them feel valued and motivated. Seeing colleagues create content encourages further participation.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Leveraging your workforce reduces reliance on expensive paid advertising. Organic reach through employee channels builds trust while saving money.
  • Attracts Top Talent: Positive employee content showcasing company culture attracts job seekers who value a passionate and engaging work environment.

Types of Employee-Generated Content: Beyond Tweets, TikToks and Instagram Stories

Employee-generated content comes in various shapes and sizes, reflecting the diversity of your workforce. Some common types include:

  • Social media snippets: Short, engaging posts showcasing daily work life.
  • Workplace reviews: Honest employee evaluations on platforms like Glassdoor.
  • Personal blogs & articles: In-depth stories sharing employee experiences and insights.
  • Photos: Visual storytelling, from behind-the-scenes glimpses to team celebrations.
  • Employee training videos: Educational content created by employees for colleagues.
  • Knowledge sharing programs: Collaborative initiatives for cross-departmental expertise sharing.
  • Internal newsletters: Updates and highlights driven by employee contributions.
  • Virtual/physical bulletin boards: Platforms for showcasing employee work and ideas.
  • Employee case studies: Detailed explorations of employee roles and career paths.
  • Recruitment videos: Personalized videos attracting potential hires to join the team.


Employee-generated content is about a significant cultural shift in the way organizations communicate internally as well as externally. It democratizes your employer brand and makes it more human.

Happy Storytelling!

Mahmood Owolabi 

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